But Penguins aren't even Furry!

[New Linux Logo]

LinuxFox.gif (26k)

What you're looking at here is a new logo for Linux designed by Al Mackey (who has more online art available). Al has released it to the net, to be freely used by anyone promoting Linux or Linux-related software/hardware/material.

Specifically, LinuxFox here is designed to be the #1 competitor to a certain cute and cuddly penguin. The penguin is nice and all, but it doesn't really remind me of a lean and mean multitasking/networking machine. LinuxFox, on the other hand, is clearly a hard-core Linux coder. :-)

BigLinuxFox.gif (34k)

This larger version of LinuxFox might be useful for something, but it is not anti-aliased, so it doesn't look as good on the screen. It's big, though.

Cheesy LinuxFox Web Buttons

I made some little buttons and things that say "Powered by Linux" that you can slap on your Web pages. These are not real hard to make, so if you make some better ones out of LinuxFox, please send me email.

[Powered By Linux] 314x137
157x69 (shown)
[Choice of a GNU Generation] 554x144
277x72 (shown)

Page last modified 8/26/98 by Ed Mackey. Artwork and character design by Al Mackey. Copyright ©1996, all rights reserved. Freely distributable with anything having to do with Linux. My Home Page needs to be updated soon.

Al's email address is Al@IAM.com.