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Blood 2 FAQ, version 2.0/2.1

Q: Where's the Blood 2 patch, already??
A: Right here!! The patch has been released! Go here to find the new patch!

Q: How do I check the FRAMERATE in Blood 2?
A: Bring up the CONSOLE by pressing the "~" key. Then type in "SHOWFRAMERATE 1" and press enter! To keep the framerate visible while you play the game, press "SHIFT" + "~" and then press the "~" one more time.

Q: My joystick doesn't work correctly! What's the deal?
A: Download the new 2.0 patch here to use your joystick!

Q: My game freezes right when I click on Play Blood, or shortly thereafter! Why? How to do I fix it?
A: First off, when on the B2 Launcher, enter Display and change the renderer from Hardware to Software, then run B2 again and see if it runs.

If it does, thereís a driver problem with either DX6 or with your video card(s). Iíd check the webpage of the maker of your card and check on new drivers, then reinstall DX6. That should help!

If it doesnít run, then thereís a bigger problem somewhere within your PC.

Also, check out the Advanced Options and make sure nothing is checkmarked, then checkmark only Restore Factory Defaults, then click OK and try to run Blood 2 again!

Q: Can you save your game in the Demo for Blood 2?
A: The demo doesnít have any save features at all; sorry!

Q: How do I zoom in with the Sniper Rifle?
A: To zoom in with the Sniper Rifle in Blood2, you have to use the Alt-Fire capability with the gun.

Q: When I zoom in with the Sniper Rifle, my mouse goes inverted and it's opposite of what it should be! What's up with this?
A: Weíve fixed this in the 2.0 patch that has been released!

Q: I cannot detonate the Remote Bombs. The manual says to use the primary fire, but all that does is throw another. The alt fire button just drops a bomb. Help!
A: When in the game, press Escape to enter the Main Menu then enter the Options, Controls area. Go down and assign the Detonate key to the key of your choice and now you can detonate the bombs!

Q: What's with the Orb weapon? It displays "100" and when the the alternate fire is activated, nothing happens. The game descriptions say that you can look through the ORB's EYE to sniper your enemy. What's up?
A: The Alt. Fire for the Orb does work in Single player and Multi Player, but only if you have 200 mana points or more for the Orb.

Q: How do I get the enemies off my face once they are on?
A: Back up and press the "Open" key repeatedly until they are knocked off, then destroy them so they donít come back! You can also download the 2.0 patch to make it a bit easier. You can get the patch here .

Q: I'm playing the game and not getting any cut scenes. Why?
A: Are you playing the game in the Single Player, Chosen mode with Gabby, Ophelia or Ishmael? If you are, you will not get any cutscenes. If you play in Single Player, Caleb mode, youíll get all the cut scenes.

Q: When I'm on the menu screens, all the menu's flicker! How do I fix this so they don't flicker and I can see the menus?
A: Enter the Advanced Options and checkmark the Enable Triple Buffering box, click OK and then run the game. That should clear up the problem.

Q: When I try to run the game, I get an error with the CSHELL.DLL file.
A: Enter the Blood 2 directory and delete the Blood2.REZ file, then run the game again... itíll run off the CD. If Blood 2 runs fine after that, run the Setup program again and only install the Blood2 information, not the movies or DirectX, then run the game again.

Q: When I try and run the game, I get a DINPUT.DLL error
A: Try copying the DINPUT.DLL and DINPUT.VXD files from the Blood 2 CD and pasting them into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and see if that helps.

Q: Can I submit a problem or question with the Blood 2 Demo?
A: Of course! Please visit to send your questions and issues to us.

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