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Who Needs a Police-State When We've Got the Army?
by Gettin' Wurried! 3:28pm Thu Aug 17 '00
The "Aid to the Civilian Authorities" Bill is before the Senate, and is likely to go through unless something is done to stop it. The powers given to the military exceed those of the police and include: 1/---- the power to shoot to kill 'where necessary' without fear of prosecution. 2/---- The right to detain people without a formal arrest or charge. 3/---- The right to seize and search persons, places, vehicles or personal belongings without a warrant.
Who Needs a Police-State When We've Got the Army? (full story)

Urgent -Please help get the Dalai Lama to the Millenium World Peace Summit
by noushka 3:09pm Thu Aug 17 '00
On August 27th-29th, the Millenium Peace Summit will bring together more than 100 spiritual leaders from around the world - the Dalai Lama however will be excluded. A decision appearing to be made due to pressure from the Chinese government. Please help us to persusade the UN not to bow to these outrageous demands from the Chinese.
Urgent -Please help get the Dalai Lama to the Millenium World Peace Summit (full story)
Fundraisers Needed!
by The Wilderness Society Sydney Campaign Centre 12:13pm Wed Aug 16 '00
address: Suite 203, 64-76 Kippax st, Surry Hills, 2010 phone: 02- 9282 9553
Need some cash? Want to make money & help save wilderness? TWS needs you! Koala & canvasser jobs available now. Call Daria on 9282 9553.
Fundraisers Needed! (full story)

Take Action Against Land Clearing - NOW!
by The Wilderness Society 12:03pm Wed Aug 16 '00
address: phone: 03 5726 1885
Within the next week or so a decision one way or the other is likely on clearing controls in Queensland. Whether controls are put in that protect both endangered and vulnerable regional ecosystems depends on the combined decisions of both the Federal and Qld State Governments.
Take Action Against Land Clearing - NOW! (full story)

Tent Embassy Update
by Rev Simon Rumble 11:34am Wed Aug 16 '00
South Sydney Council meeting tonight to discuss eviction of the Tent Embassy. Land and Environment Court injunction request being heard tomorrow.
Tent Embassy Update (full story)

Latest Timbarra Campaign News
by Timbarra Campaign 8:21pm Mon Aug 14 '00
address: PO Box 125, Lismore, NSW phone: 9565 2326
Update on Cyanide Pollution from Timbarra Gold Mine near Tenterfield, News on Court Cases and up coming events.
Latest Timbarra Campaign News (full story)
Jabiluka Protesters Cleared Over Hokey Pokey Charges
by Earth First Melb 10:28am Mon Aug 14 '00
Two Earth First! protesters, David Heller and Marcus
Brumer have had trespass and resist charges dismissed
in the Magistrates' Court today. The charges had
stemmed from an Earth First! anti-Jabiluka uranium
mine "Week of Action" at North Limited in January this
year. North Ltd owns ERA, the builder of the mine in
Kakadu National Park.
Jabiluka Protesters Cleared Over Hokey Pokey Charges (full story)

Mining environment and human rights abuses in the Philippines
by filmaker Peter Vaughan / photo Glenn Lockitch 5:43pm Sun Aug 13 '00
The tribal leader in the photo was unsuccessfully bribed by Western Mining Corporation (WMC). 1 month later his community was bombed and machine gunned.
The video on tonight documents cyanide spills and military abuses by mining companies operating in the Philippines where up to one third of the land area is up for mining potentially. 50% of the mining companies operating there are Australian. Call Glenn on 0410798905 for further queries. 9.30 tonight(Sun) ARTV (Channel 31).

Mining environment and human rights abuses in the Philippines (picture)

Having God on Our Side...
by Strange Fruit 10:28pm Sat Aug 12 '00
If you can't beat 'em...sometimes you can beat 'em by joining 'em.
Here's a juicy piece of "resistance by surrender" to the strict letter of the old time law.
The god of laughter at least is on our side.
Having God on Our Side... (full story)
Tent Embassy alert centre
by Colonel Panic 4:52pm Sat Aug 12 '00
A raid to shut down the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Victoria Park is looking likely. Police are likely to raid during the early hours of the morning to ensure few are there to oppose or witness their actions. Follow this link and put in your email address and/or mobile phone number to be notified the moment it happens.
Tent Embassy alert centre

Peter Brock Interview
by Animal Liberation NSW 5:55pm Tue Aug 8 '00
For Australians, the name Peter Brock needs no introduction. He's as
familiar to all aussies as Uluru (Ayer's Rock). But how many know that he's
a passionate vegan....
Peter Brock Interview (full story)

Non profit organic food in Richmond
by Sarah Morton 1:25pm Mon Aug 7 '00
address: 76-78 Lennox St Richmond phone: 4572 1111
Buying organic food is doing yourself and the environment a big favour. Tastes great too. An organic co-op has opened in Richmond (North-Western Sydney). Affordable!! Fruits, veg, refrigerated and dry stuff...
Non profit organic food in Richmond (full story)

Eastern Distributor Rally postponed
by Sydney City Residents Against Polluting Stack 1:04pm Sat Aug 5 '00
address: Woolloomooloo phone: 0413 358 269, 9380 2367
Apologies for the inconvenience. If interested in participating in a future rally against the RTA, then please contact Jane at Your help in organising the next event would be greatly appreciated.
Eastern Distributor Rally postponed (full story and one comment)
Free software = communist?
by Rev Simon Rumble 1:16pm Fri Aug 4 '00
Linux Weekly News ( has a lead piece discussing Steve Ballmer, big kahuna these days at Microsoft, saying that Linux is like communism. I have often commented on these sorts of statements, which say more about the average American's knowledge of politics than anything else.
Free software = communist? (full story and one comment)

ALP decides multinationals win over people
by Fin Review 2:07pm Wed Aug 2 '00
The Labor Party's national conference yesterday decided to push on with trade liberalisation instead of going for fair trade as suggested by the weak Left faction. How much further to the Right does Labor need to go before they lose union support?
ALP decides multinationals win over people


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events this week

$hell Action
4:00pm Friday 18 August
Outside SOCOG offices (cnr Broadway and Jones St - near UTS)
Contact: ral cunningham
What: Mock trial and hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa (creative action)
Why: To expose the evil workings of this major olympic sponsor - particularly with regard to its activities in the Niger-Delta region.
Theme: Wear red, yellow, and/or black
Bring: A willlingness to be creative...

The full rave...

6:00pm Friday 18 August
Contact: Indigenous Students Network
Laura-lee Stuart: 0401 555 309 or Joel Bray: 0403 138 877 or
campout to support Aboriginal Sovereignty, There'll be music, workshops, discusions, games... Bring family, friends, instruments, food, tents, cooking equipment, spirit...
The full rave...

Straw Bale Building Workshop
9:00am Saturday 19 August
Gundaroo, 40km north of Canberra
Contact: Murray Hollis
Learn how to build walls using straw bales. Participate in building and rendering a wall. This another in a recent series of very successful workshops.
The full rave...

Sharing the Spirit
10:00am Saturday 19 August
Billungah - Kangaroo Valley
Contact: Malcolm Pearce - 0244 478 544
Sharing the Spirit - A Koori Cultural Experience weekend to experience the living reality of the dreaming from two south coast lore keepers.
The full rave...

12:00pm Saturday 19 August
Victoria Park (rain, hail or shine)
Contact: "s11 sydney" - sydney network of individuals and groups organising to shut down the World Economic Forum (Sept 11-13)
blockading tactics, legal briefings, personal safety, affinity group organising, open forum discussion, spokescouncil rolepays, plus fun and games.
The full rave...

S11 Fundraiser - Morally Bankrupt
7:30pm Saturday 19 August
The Gaelic Club, Cnr Devonshire &Chalmers Sts, Surry Hills
Contact: natalie stevens
Featuring Exploding Happiness, Caravan Park, and Renewtree, to raise awareness about WEF and S11. All money raised goes transporting the masses to Melbourne in September, and accomodation down there.
The full rave...

Invasion! Submissions
12:00am Sunday 20 August
Elbow Room at Newtown Theatre Gallery
Contact: greg shapley
FINAL date for submissions for an art exhibition about immigration, identity and the media beat-up over "illegals."
Art can take almost any form & there's no charge.
The full rave...

Invasion! Submissions
12:00am Sunday 20 August
Elbow Room at Newtown Theatre Gallery
Contact: greg shapley
FINAL date for submissions for an art exhibition about immigration, identity and the media beat-up over "illegals."
Art can take almost any form & there's no charge.
The full rave...

catalyst @ fridgid
4:30pm Sunday 20 August
Fridgid at the Hopetoun Hotel Surry Hills cnr Bourke/Foveaux
Contact: john jacobs
Fridgid hosts a special catalyst funraiser for the imc
Extra Special Guests Sasquelch vs Top Stylist Plus Elephant Trax's X Planetary +Seattle CDRom Givaways
The full rave...

Homelessness and the Olympics in Toronto (Canada)
5:30pm Monday 21 August
Labor Council Building, 377-383 Sussex St, Sydney (Gnd Flr)
Contact: Will Roden
David Hulchanski, an Olympics activist from Toronto, will be speaking about the Olympics and homelessness. David has been closely involved with the Bread Not Circuses Coalition, which has been fighting to expose the truth about Toronto's bid for the 2008 Olympics.
The full rave...

Globalisation and Protest Seminar Series
6:00pm Monday 21 August
Level 5, Wentworth Bldg, Sydney Uni, City Rd.
Contact: Melanie Gillbank
Following on from our workshops on Globalisiton last year, we are co-hosting this seminar series with Australian Fair Trade Investment Network and the National Union of Students. We will look at the role of protest in challenging and demystifying institutions of economic globalisation.
The full rave...

Animal Rights Workshop
6:00pm Monday 21 August
AWD Centre, 8th fl., 8-24 Kippax Street,, Surry Hills/City
Contact: David Horton
Two excellent guest speakers - talking on the commercialisation of wildlife and the kangaroo issue. Not to be missed.
The full rave...

IMC Video Publishing Workshop
6:00pm Tuesday 22 August
Art Resistance 73 Princes Hwy
Contact: Simon 0409 368 879, John @ ARTV 95655522
Learn how to digitise video and publish it on the Independent Media Centre website.
The full rave...

"A woman's place is in the house...but which house?"
6:00pm Wednesday 23 August
UNSW Roundhouse Club Bar
Contact: Natasha Holmes 0410 456 244
EMILY's List Club UNSW and Blue Stocking Week presents a comedy debate between former NSW MLC Ann Symonds & Federal MP Anthony Albanese with comic Ciel Stowe as intermediary!
The full rave...

Healthy Rivers + Healthy Communities demand water for life!
6:00pm Thursday 24 August
Valhalla Cinema, Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Contact: Imogen Schoots or Jen Guice from the Water Team at the Nature Conservation Council on 9279 2466.
Come and have a drink with us to taste the future!

The Nature Conservation Council is launching its water campaign. We are looking towards the new millennium for water sharing and ensuring the sustainable use of water.
The full rave...

CACTUS Organising Meeting - Fight Corporate Tyranny!
6:30pm Thursday 24 August
UTS Tower Building - Level 3 (Near French Cafe)
Contact: Jessie Booth 9557 8840
Jesse Wynhausen 0415 161 911
Vince Caughley 0438 800 244
Inspired by the Seattle protests last year, CACTUS (Campaign Against Corporate Tyranny United in Struggle) organises locally to fight corporate greed. Help protest against the Corporate Games and come to S11!

The full rave...

Independent Media Centre training workshop
7:00pm Thursday 24 August
IMC, 17 Lord Street, St Peters
Contact: Simon Rumble
Learn how to add your own media to the Independent Media Centre to show the real side of the Olympics without the big media spin.

We have also provided uploading instructions on the website so if you can't make it, have a look at the publish page.
The full rave...

Critical Mass
5:30pm Friday 25 August
Hyde Park fountain, north end
Contact: Critical Mass Sydney - see the website
The 61st ride of Critical Mass Sydney! Cyclists, roller bladers, skateboarders and scooter people will roll around the city and end with a picnic in a park to celebrate green healthy transport and campaign for more sustainable transport infrastructure in Sydney.
The full rave...

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