This information including any current and prior information sent to you is a year 2000 Readiness Disclosure of TSTT.

"Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago has made a very successful transition into the year 2000. We are happy to report that full service to our customers was maintained throughout the roll over period. The next significant date is February 29 and, we expect to roll past that date successfully.

We remain vigilant and continue to monitor our systems to ensure that any mal-function or inconsistencies in their performance are quickly investigated and resolved as we look forward to continuing to maintaian our service levels into the new Millennium."


TSTT began to address the Year 2000 challenge from as far back as 1996 when a Year 2000 Project Team was established. Led by Ronald Jameson, TSTT’s Year 2000 Project Manager, this team is responsible for co-ordinating and managing the implementation of TSTT’s Year 2000 compliance Plan with the overall objective of achieving Year 2000 compliance by October 1999.

This Team is supported by a Cable & Wireless Millennium Program "On Site Team" which consists of specialists who provide support, assistance and expertise to TSTT in specific aspects of Millennium readiness.


TSTT’s approach to Millennium Readiness has been guided by the requirements set out by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in PD 2000-1 which states:

  1. No value or current date will cause any interruption in operation.
  2. Databased functionality must behave consistently for dates prior to, during and after the Year 2000.
  3. In all interfaces and data storage, the century in any date must be specified either explicitly or by unambiguous algorithms or inferencing rules.
  4. Year 2000 must be recognized as a leap year.



Achieving the objective of Millennium compliance by October 1999 requires not only assessing the specific requirements of the Company, but also involves choosing a solution and testing that solution. TSTT’s Compliance Plan is therefore comprised of five phases and focuses on the following areas:

Milestones Deliverables Targets Status
PHASE 1 Computer hardware, system software and application software inventories November 1997 Complete
PHASE 2 Network equipment, customer premises and internal equipment assessment December 1997 Complete
PHASE 3 Product and services compliance and supply management October 1999 Contact with critical suppliers complete. Follow up ongoing on non-responsive suppliers
PHASE 4 Contingency Plan September 1999 On-going
PHASE 5 End to End Testing 1999  


Along with committing human resources to fixing the Year 2000 problem, TSTT has committed significant financial resources to the project. Over its duration, TSTT is expected to spend an estimated US $7 million to resolve the problem.


Since the Year 2000 problem may affect TSTT’s systems as well as those of its suppliers and customers, it further expands the boundaries of concern related to the problem. In this regard, TSTT is making every effort to ensure compliance on the part of its suppliers. It is important to note that some suppliers will not be compliant until January 1999. Given this, all new agreements between TSTT and its suppliers incorporates a condition that requires the supplier to warrant that the product and/or service will not be affected by the advent of the Year 2000. TSTT also continues to respond on an ongoing basis to request from their business customers for Year 2000 compliance information related to equipment it provides.

Further, TSTT is currently addressing the issue of contingency planning from both a technical and a business perspective, the strategy being to identify significant risks and to monitor the resolution of these risks in a timely manner.


The Company has established a web page (TSTT-Y2K) which outlines TSTT’s Year 2000 position statement, as well as provides links to major suppliers’ web sites where compliance information can be found. It will also update its customers as to the progress of its Millennium Program.

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