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Crank Calls in RealAudio  

The crank calls from Jason Roth's college days have been released from the vault. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.
Drunk Driving  This call was influenced by the Jerky Boys, the masters of the crank phone call. (At the time this call was recorded, the first Jerky Boys tape was being passed around even before the official album came out.) Jason asks a lawyer how to go about pressing charges against a little girl he claims he drove into while drunk. (8/7/00)
Broken Glass Tube in Penis  A lawyer is called for advice on handling a medical malpractice suit with a less-than-satisfactory urologist. (7/5/00)
Face on the Wall  Jason asks a therapist for help with his hallucination problem, in the hopes that the damn mouth will stop showing up on the wall. (6/2/00)
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