Director: Lloyd D. Salvetti
Deputy Director: Richard E. Schroeder
Chief Historian: Gerald K. Haines
Curator, Exhibit Center: Elizabeth Bruins
Editor, Studies in Intelligence: Paul Arnold

Publications Officer: Henry Appelbaum
Curator, Historical Intelligence
  Collection: Donald P. Steury
Editor, Bulletin: Benjamin B. Fischer
Conference Coordinator: Carole Minor




CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) supports research and publishing on the intelligence profession and its various disciplines. Center Fellows write on historical, theoretical, and operational intelligence issues. CSI historians write on CIA history and other intelligence topics and publish collections of declassified documents. The Center also promotes exchanges with academic institutions and scholars through conferences and seminars, as well as by arranging for guest speakers and sponsoring CIA Officers-in-Residence at colleges and universities. Monographs, books, and videos prepared under CSI's auspices are available from the Library of Congress and the Commerce Department's National Technical Information Service. The Center welcomes inquiries from intelligence professionals and scholars about its programs and publications. Find us and our publications on the World Wide Web at

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