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Celestial_Navigations.jpg (15523 bytes)Celestial Navigations: If you have ever wished that you could take a stellar journey without ever leaving the comfort of your living room, then I suggest you look up these fine fellows. CELESTIAL NAVIGATIONS is a true aural feast! A delightful mixture of music and story that is literally out of this world. Featuring the work of acclaimed musicians CHRIS MANY and GEOFF LEVIN, and the story and voice talent of the great actor GEOFFREY LEWIS. These guys really know how to get inside your heart and your head. Fantasic work! Don't waste another moment. Set your sails for Celestial Navigations.

allan_cole.jpg (6862 bytes)Allan Cole, SF&F author: A really nice guy with one wicked talent for writing! Allan has scripted some spectacular Fantasy series such as the TALES OF THE TIMURAS and also the ANTEROS, and is the co-author of the stellar SF saga STEN. Allan has authored or co-authored countless television scripts, and was a co-writer on the Pulitzer Prize nominated VietNam War novel, A RECKONING FOR KINGS. Having traveled the world many times over, Allan has worn several hats: pro newsman, pro chef, pro writer extraordinaire. Above all, he is a damned groovey guy who maintains a solid foot in reality while still enjoying the glories of stardom. Please visit his home site and pick up a copy or three of his books. They'll be worth every penny!! I swear it.

Matt_Keener.jpg (11684 bytes)Matt Keener, POEMA web demon: A prince among men, Matt is a long-time student of ancient cultures, specifically Hebrew. With a nack for the poetic and a keen (no pun) sense for wordsmithing, Matt is one of my best friends and I am proud to rank him among the names on this page. Please visit his HALL OF POETRY and explore its sage corridors. It should also be mentioned that Matt introduced me to the terribly addictive computer strategy game STARS! and that countless hours of my time have been wasted (happily, mind you) as a result. Matt is also a fellow fan of the STAR TREK movies, and has knowledge of other SF that I cannot even begin to approach. It is rare to find a person so intelligent and so versed on so many subjects, but Matt is such a being. Hats off to him.

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