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The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism provides comprehensive diabetes care by pediatric diabetes specialists, pediatric certified diabetes educators, nutritionists and a unique psychosocial support group for parents and adolescents. In addition physicians stress up-to-date diabetes management, including the use of computerized meters, multiple insulin doses per day and insulin pumps.

Description of Programs and Services

  • Diabetes Education and Treatment Service

    This service provides both inpatient and outpatient diabetes education and treatment. Nutritional and glucose counseling and monitoring, minimization of ongoing symptoms and assistance with school-related difficulties are available. Over many years, the physicians have developed a program specifically designed to care for children with diabetes and to educate their families in an effort to limit the disease's long-term effects.

    Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hypoglycemia Prevention Program exists for patient's with management problems. Involvement in the Diabetes Prevention Trial for type I diabetes is available.

  • Diabetes Support Groups

    Support groups for adolescents and for parents of young children
    with diabetes meet regularly. A sponsorship program, in which teens
    are paired with a young adult with diabetes, also is available. These
    programs review the tools necessary for good diabetes management,
    discuss the unique aspects of parenting a young child on insulin and
    work to improve adolescent acceptance of and adherence to the
    diabetes management protocol.

  • Diabetes Prevention Trial-1

    The CHLA Diabetes Program is one of nine clinical centers participating in The Diabetes Prevention Trial-1. Those people found to have a high or moderate risk may be eligible to participate in this National Institutes of Health funded clinical trial to determine if insulin can prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes.

  • Endocrinology Sessions

    To best meet the needs of young patients with immediate or ongoing health concerns, the Division holds an endocrinology session at CHLA three days a week. Staffed by physicians, specially trained nurses, a dietitian and a social worker, the session provides counseling, diagnostic aid and specialized treatment for children with a wide range of endocrine disorders. Admission to the hospital for thorough inpatient care and endocrine testing is available.

  • Growth Disorders

    Physicians evaluate and treat patients with growth disorders,
    including those related to insufficient or excess pituitary and thyroid
    gland hormone production. The physicians also evaluate and treat
    children with early or delayed sexual development (puberty).

  • Carbohydrate Metabolism including Hypoglycemia

    Division members have special expertise in diagnosis and treatment
    of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism including hypoglycemia of all causes, fructose and galactose intolerance and glycogen storage diseases.


* Members of Unversity Childrens Medical Group. All other physicians have offices located throughout Southern California.