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Gene Wilder is back as the sleuthing theater director Larry "Cash" Carter in the A&E Original Movie The Lady in Question. Cash joins forces once again with his fiancée Mimi (Cherry Jones) and his crafty detective pal Tony Rossini (Mike Starr) to solve the puzzling poisoning of a well-known humanitarian, played by Claire Bloom (Mighty Aphrodite, Crimes and Misdemeanors).

Gene Wilder. It is 1938, war is raging in Europe, and America is coming ever closer to joining the battle. Even in a setting as idyllic as Stamford, Connecticut, daily life is getting more mysterious and less secure. Not everyone can sense the gravity of the situation yet--but then, former Broadway director Larry "Cash" Carter is not just anyone. His extraordinary acumen for understanding human motivation--and whether someone is telling the truth--makes him an invaluable ally for Detective Rossini.

This time, for Cash, the murder hits close to home, even if it does involve a dangerous dose of international intrigue. The victim is his friend Emma Sachs, who is also the wealthy aunt of a young woman starring in his current play, and a recent acquaintance of his fiancée. Once again, Tony and Cash are on the hunt for a killer. But who could it be? The mercurial maid? The two-timing secretary? The cantankerous companion? The needy niece and nephew? Or the Nazi who might as well be from Cincinnati?

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