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"CHAT WITH ANNE-MARIE HUURE" > Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

misty: WW: I've been playing LS (on Mac) and I was wondering why you chose this story as the first...
misty: "woman's" game to market?
WomenWise: Because in honest truth, I fell in love with the graphics, the fact that it is based on a true story etc.
WomenWise: I also watched how women reacted so positively to the game, many of those who never played a computer game before.
misty: The graphics are really fantastic.
WomenWise: I love the colors and attention to detail.
WomenWise: For many women, time is a factor in their lives and they don't have much of it to play. With the Legend of Lotus, they can play and get satisfaction and results and lots of visual treats fast.
WomenWise: I have heard it referred to as "chick software" as in chick flick.
interactfictionADM: Huh.
interactfictionADM: Not enough big explosions for the men.
WomenWise: True. So maybe the guys can by it for the women who don't want explosives!
misty: i'm not sure it's "chick"...anyone who has lost a loved one should be able to identify with it...
WomenWise: Sometimes love is tragic.
WomenWise: I think this game can envoke emotion. It's not a guy thing.
Rumplestiltskin: makes a good valentines day present...
WomenWise: We have a gift tag on the box aimed at men to give it as a gift of love to the woman in their lives.

WomenWise: There is a magazine running a story as a great Mother's day present for Mom from daughter or son.
interactfictionADM: Which magazine?
WomenWise: Not allowed to announce yet - a major women's mag.
WomenWise: Cosmo Girl! also did a blurb on us.
WomenWise: And Webgrrls and Wired Women are working on a feature on us.

interactfictionADM: Has DreamCatcher been pleased so far with how the game's been selling?
WomenWise: The exact numbers are not in as it has only been out since Valentine's Day. But I understand the web site sales are very good.
interactfictionADM: Glad to hear that.

interactfictionADM: So let's say I've made a nifty new game which I think will appeal to women, and I bring it to you. What happens from there?
WomenWise: First we evaluate with our team of focus testers. At the same time you present your design specification and busines plan to us.
WomenWise: We evaluate, look for the cross-promotion opportunites and marketing venues etc.
WomenWise: With the Legend of Lotus Spring we are cross promoting with a free pdf download of the novella from iReadRomance.com
WomenWise: There is also a contest to win a Rocket eBook from Rocket Reader (TM). Purchase the game or enter when you visit the women-wise web site.
WomenWise: We have some other games in development now, including one that plays partly on the Internet.
WomenWise: We also have some titles that include an enchanced CD.
WomenWise: And we are talking with two broadcasters about the TV program.
WomenWise: So please, feel free to send in your prototypes etc.
interactfictionADM: WW: I have a quick follow-up question, which is whether you'll accept design documents or if you want a nearly-finished demo.
WomenWise: I prefer a demo because it is easier to show my investors. And it shows the talents of your team.
WomenWise: However, I will take a design spec plan if well done. We can sort through them quite well.
WomenWise: Another thing about Women Wise, we are adding a "developer's corner" to our web site in the next two monlths. The idea is to encourage developers to come forward, with the right documents.
interactfictionADM: WW: That sounds like it might help draw more developers to your company. Good luck with it.
WomenWise: Thanks. The interest in what we are doing is overwhelming! The letters of encouragement and support is fantastic.

WomenWise: Women Wise is in a unique position. We are representing developers and acting as publishers. DreamCatcher is distributing our first formal title.
WomenWise: We are also developing our own titles.
WomenWise: My background is that of a producer and marketer.
WomenWise: Jewel, Gems of Darkness and Karma are pretty much puzzle games.
WomenWise: I have also produced and directed over 20 educational titles.

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