October 04, 2000


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Square's First Summer RPG, Legend Of Mana, Ships

Date: 06/06/2000

Square is doing everything it can to prevent your skin from coming in contact with damaging UV rays from the sun. How will it accomplish this? By releasing a bunch of great RPGs for PlayStation in the summer months. Threads of Fate and Chrono Cross will arrive later in the warm season, but the title of the hour is Legend of Mana, which ships today.

It may not technically be summer until later this month, but what the heck; we here in Minnesota consider the four snowless months a year to be summer, so cut us some slack. Quit your arguing and get the darn game, and enjoy the hand-painted backdrops, the many allies that will fight alongside you, and all the Square magic you know and love. This title's too good to save for a rainy day.

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