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Welcome to the most "under construction" part of the site. That's because to make this part work, I need YOUR stories! Submit your story by e-mailing me with all of the details of your experience, or use the handy-dandy (brand new) form! You'll retain all rights to your submission, so if you want to put it somewhere else or even publish it, that's cool. :-)

It doesn't matter if the story you submit is yours (although it's preferable) or just a cool experience a friend of yours told you. We want 'em all.

To get the ball rolling when the web site began, I included a few stories originally archived on Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page. I've updated them when necessary and gone through and edited them some for clarity. I originally posted my experiences on the Internet in 1994.

Since then, I've received some great stories from readers. They're here for you to enjoy below.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the stories.

My Stories

ASU I: Introduction
ASU II: Tricks, Sans Treats
ASU III: An Unpleasant Meeting

Visitors' Tales

Ghostly Memorial
All in the Family
Signs in the Snow
On Holy Ground
Octagon House
Goodbye, Granddaddy
Sister, I See You
Grandmother's Guests
Dueling Grandfathers
Some Helping Hands?
Nixin' Nixon
Apartment Agreement
Still Haunted After All These Years
Psychic Family
Faithful Dog
Tinker's Visit
Warning in the Night
Things that Go Bump in the Day?
A Visit from Mr. Death
You Can Check Out Any Time You Like
A Concerned Poltergeist
A Scent of Roses
Little White Men
Ghost in the Machine?
Apartment Spirit
Brothers' Tales
The Craft Store
But the Cat Came Back
The Ghosts of the Old Spanish Trail
The Thing in the Woods
The Thing in the Closet
The Thing in My Dreams
The Quilt
Vanishing Act
Little Friend
California Haunting
Kimmy's Serenade
She Took My Breath Away
On Little Cats' Feet
A Dapper Spirit
Dearly Departed
Rescue Call
Last Farewell
Harrowing Homestead
A Little Night Music
Fresh Phantom
New Zealand Ghosts
Family and Stangers
Betty Jenkins' Ghost
Poppy's Back
Keeping Time
Last Date
Dad Sightings
Renae and the Night Visitors
Knife Night
Self-Moving Furniture
Diana's "Dream"
Remnants of War
Camping Trip
Alley Cat
When Wishes Come True
Greetings, Grandfather
The Little One
Guardian Angel
Graveyard Greeting
At Home, with Ghosts
A REAL Haunted House
Upstairs, Downstairs
Have You Seen the Shoes that Shine?
Rooming with the Dead
Frightful Fiends and Other Hazards of Dating
Dogs and Cats
Ghostly Ladies of Alabama
Arkansas Grandma
Hey, You're Not Dad ...
Little Boy Lost
The Ghosts of Seamanship
The Soldier in the Closet
Green, Green My Grave Doth Grow
Knock, Knock ...
Ghosts, Ghosts Everywhere -- But Not a One for Me
Hard Knocks
Homestead Horrors
What Dreams are Made Of
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
Mrs. Rapport's Ghost
Hi, Henry
The Omen
A Dream Most Dire
A Ghostly Memory
Nanny's Ghost
Spirit of the Board
The Promise
The Gnome
Woman in the Tower
Weeping Woman
A Figure Dark
The Ghost of Christ Church
Nanny Ghost
West Point Ghost
Olga's Garden
Campground Creature
Creepy Castle
White Picket Fences
Happenings at the Larson House
Stephen's Haunting
Ghost-Haunted Club
Sharon's Spirit
Stair-Walkin' Spirit
A Visit from Dad
Witch's Ghost
The House on Columbia Road
Adventures with Ouija
Ghost Hunt
Cries in the Night
Lovely Lady
The Aswang
On the Air Dead from the Crescent Hotel
Woman in White
Knocks on the Door
Haunted Hotel
Girl Hitchhiker
Messages from Jenna
The Hanged Man
Let me Show Ya Something ...
Halloween Party from Heck
Shadow Play
After Three Days
The Return of Kith
Eby's Legacy
Wall Walker
Warden's Wraiths
I Saw a Ship Go Sailing
Hello, Nurse
My Mother's Home
A Time to Die
Odd Events
Haunted Farmhouse
The Doctor is In?
My Cottage
Ghostly Publishing
Small Hauntings
Alabama Poltergeist
Tar Baby
Phantom on the Road
Visitor in the Outhouse
Ghost in the Apartment
Craving Attention from Beyond the Grave
Upon the Staircase
Grandfather's Warning
Encounters with the Spirits
Floating Head
Confess and Cut
Messages from a Friend
Wake-Up Call
Cats and Mice
Theatrical Ghost
A Comforting Touch
Grand Central
Unexpected Company
Art Room Ouija
The House on Wisconsin Street
Strange House
San Antonio Tracks
Ghost Car
Apartment Poltergeist
See What Develops
A Bird in Flight
Kitchen Cabinet Ghost
Uncle Nicky
Mysterious Passenger
Andy's Ghost
The Proctor House


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