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    This is the journal entry found on the back, and, if my memory serves, inside, of the case your Myst CD came in (assuming you have Myst, of course...). It should also be on the back of the box...I believe it's intended to be alike to the intro you'd find on the back of a novel. However, I do not believe it is entirely canon, as we know that Atrus was not harmed in any way that would cause him to leave off writing like this. But I include it for totality's sake.


    22 November

    A great injustice has been done...and I, Atrus, have paid the price. The books I have created lead to worlds so fantastic, they could fill a lifetime. But something has gone terribly wrong and my creations are being destroyed by someone's greed. I suspect one of my sons, either Sirrus or Achenar, but I cannot be sure. I dare not write further without revealing too much. My only hope is that I can find the answer before it's too la--



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