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IBM 340mb Microdrive

Personalized Weather Reports
Get weather forecasts for your local or national weather reports and forecasts.

Boost Your eGo!
eGo owners! boost your eGo with free upgrade software. New versions are available under the Hardware/Downloads menu.

What's in the stars for you today?
Follow your horoscope in today's entertainment section. Whether you're a leo, sagittarius, or cancer, we've got your daily dose of advice.

National and World News along with the day's top 10 news stories. Add them to your audio Program and have them delivered every day.

Get Your Music!
Add new music to your programs every day from,, and Just add the selections and we'll rotate new songs each week. Free!

For the Serious Investor
Get the latest in Financial News, Commodities, Government Reports, Market Updates and Industry Reports. Select the Financial channel menu to choose your weapons.

Search for MP3s
Check out the MP3 search engine from 3PM under the MP3 Search menu. Over 900,000 mp3 files with all links verified!

High Tech Buzz
Listen to the High-Tech buzz to keep up with the latest technology trends and inventions. Add to your program and get new updates daily.

Get your eGo with 340MB for $499
That's 5 times the capacity of other 64Mb players!

How big is your eGo?
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  Predefined   News   Weather   Financial   Entertainment   Sports   Music   Email
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