Last Updated:
October 14, 2000


Welcome to the personal home page of Konrad Mitchell Lawson. On March 29th, 2000 I finally got around to starting a new version of my personal pages with a new look. It will be a while until I get everything up and running so in the mean time you may still view the old pages here.

October 14th - School is keeping me very busy but I'm enjoying my life at graduate school so far. In addition to my classes, I also now work 20 hours a week together with one other colleague for Columbia's new Faculty Desktop Support. I have also recently founded an inter-disciplinary student group called the Science & Technology Network which is just starting up. Finally, can see some pictures of where I live and study.

August 28th - I have moved to New York and just began orientation today for the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. I have decided on dual concentrations in Science and Technology Policy and East Asian Studies. I'm very excited to be here and have already met a great many interesting people. Contact information has been updated. I have also released a new version of my flaschard software, and redone my site.

July 14th - Added the skeleton of the People page, no pictures yet. I have also made The Concessions home page to mark the travels of a group of friends through Ireland and later Norway in the summer of 1996. Pictures to come later, for now, quotes and a general description of our adventures.

April 10th - Added the Links and Interests pages. I got into Columbia University's SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs) for their MIA program (Masters of International Affairs). I will be moving to New York at the end of the summer to attend the two year program. I was not accepted to Columbia's law program but will consider applying again while at or after SIPA.

April 5th - Added the Project and History pages.

April 3th - Added the Resumé and Contact pages.

March 29th - Only the index page is up and running, see the olddefault.htm file to view the old pages.

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