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What is the Multi-Cultural Recycler?

(English version)

    A lot of people have video cameras connected to the Web. They aim the cameras at whatever is around them - their office, lab, city, parrot, bus stop - whatever.

    When you click on the Multi-Cultural Recycler, it selects two or three of these websites at random, and goes out and grabs the live or latest image from their cameras. If you choose the "Make your own Cultural Compost" option, you can select the cameras yourself, or re-recycle images created by previous visitors. The Recycler then performs digital image processing on these images to recycle them into a new image. You can also look at the source images, and you can link to the images' original sites to find out what they were doing on the web in the first place. The Recycler Gallery lets you exhibit your Recycled artwork, which can then also become Compost for other visitors' Recycling.

    What's the point? Well, you remember when Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes? If we recycle we oughta be able to stretch it to around 20.....
    It's also about the meetings and collisions of all of these disembodied images out in cyberspace.

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