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Hey Folks, you have just arrived at The Neverhood. We make video games for Dreamworks Interactive. Our first one was also called The Neverhood, and is available for Windows 95. The Neverhood is an action-packed adventure game guaranteed to baffle and amuse.

Check out the latest news on our incredible game that will soon be released for the Sony Playstation at our new web site. Just click here to go to www.BOOMBOTS.com Welcome to The NeverhoOd!

If you need a hint for The Neverhood adventure game, we got 'em. Check out the T-Shirts in the Merchandise section, and send for yours today. If you are lookin' for The Neverhood Soundtrack, sorry, all sold out! If you are having any Technical trouble just click on the Tech Support Button and receive all sorts of technical type answers. While you are here visit the Gallery of Pencil Sketches, and check out our favorite Links.

If you are looking for a copy of The Neverhood, you've probably noticed that it's all sold out everywhere!!  We can't even get a copy any more.  But if you must have one there are still two ways we know of to get it... Either buy a Gateway computer (and add the appropriate software pack) or try your luck at eBay.

If you just want to see who we are and what we do, then feel free to take a look around.

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