FrankyD has created a huge, high quality, multi velocity Ambient DrumKit for the A0 DK1 drum sampler, its over 5mb but worth the download:

Tom has released another new version of LM-4 Creator (v1.3.0.8)

  • New - Basic AIFF support (requires Media Player)
  • New - 'Save Changes' warning if changing kits
  • New - Samples can be deleted from pads/multi-velocity set-ups
  • Fixed - Pad names saved correctly

We've added a new Tutorials section, with some basic, no nonsense, guides. If you'd like to contribute to this section please let us know:

ArGuru have released new versions of Psycle and TraxVox (Formerly known as FastFuck3r) in the last week with many fixes and new features [PC Hosts]


Stefan Andersson's been busy making another two 32 patch banks for DX10 and JX220

A0 DK1 has been given a bit of a makeover for v1.2, due out today. It's currently the most popular Drum Sampler available according to its current standing in our user ratings section so if you haven't tried it yet maybe its time to give the demo a go. [PC]

  • All the known pitch bend issues for samples spanned over multiple keys are solved
  • Restricted polyphony to 127 voices, because voice 128 is always used to preview samples in the file selection box (CTRL+Click)
  • Pad numeration in the swap and copy dialogue is now correct
  • The pad lighted with a short delay (<10ms) when clicking on it
  • MIDI Notes in the editor can now be entered by name (e.g. C3,A#4...)
  • Reduced RAM usage for the graphics
  • New GUI - See Screenshot

We've introduced a user rating and reviewing system for the VSTi's. Each VSTi's page will now display an average rating, out of 5, compiled from users votes.
You can also add a review/comment, I'll try to keep an eye on these and delete anything that's just wasting space

There is a full listing of all VSTi's and their user rating HERE. It's sorted by highest average first.

Note: The rating you give with your review is not included in the average totals, so if you review a VSTi you must actually rate the VSTi in the ratings section as well as in the review section.

Those generous guys over at LinPlug have made GakStoar Delta v1.15 available for free on the cover CD of this months Computer Music magazine (UK). [PC]

SynC Modular v2.08 update has been released [PC & BeOS]

  • New - Samples can be linked to from sampler module
  • New - Sync input for Noise module
  • Fixed - File dialogue bug (BeOS version)

We have a new version (v1.2.0.4) of Tom's LM-4 Creator available that now allows you to load and edit kits, create multi-velocity layers, and change the Root Key for each pad. Get it HERE [PC]

We've also added a MIDI CC info screenshot for the PPG Wave, thanks this time to FrankyD

Nenad Siskov has released another LM-4 editor [PC]

  • Samples and kits can be anywhere on disk
  • Kits can share samples
  • Export/import pad (instrument)
  • Auto searching samples
  • Auto dynamic velocity
  • Auto checking (double defined note in your drum set)
  • Auto renaming (removing "-_#()" characters from sample name)
  • Delete unused samples from VST LM-4 folder
  • Midi audition and editing
  • Rename, delete, cut, copy, paste, undo, from LM-4 editor
  • Multi select editing
  • Editing samples in your favourite wave editor
  • Volume (pan) in dB

Progressive Production have put development of Tracy on the back burner for a while while they concentrate on Tribone as a lot more interest has been shown in that product, they've spruced up their home page with some new information too [PC]

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