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"DragonBall AF Issue"
Here you will find a lot of info about the new DragonBall series, DragonBall AF, and the info I have given out has been growing and growing and basically outgrown the small TOTM section on the main page. So I compiled all that I had on the issue and placed it all here. This might just turn out to be a big thing here at Majin.com so expect to see this pop up elsewhere.

I have a bit more information about the new DragonBall Series "Dragonball AF"! I talked with two of the voice actors for the new series happening in Japan and it will be about the adventures of Goku and Vegeta Jr.. We saw these two at the end of Dragonball GT. I also have a more full picture of the Super Saiya-jin 5 Goku that has been moving around the net. I have also heard that the release dates for the new series is really soon in Japan. Thanks to my friend Jasa-jin for the picture.
Second Revision...
There will be no Dragonball AF because the project that was being worked on was cancelled. But I do have some better information. Someone at funimation.com e-mailed me saying that the actors for the new db series were talking about making the series 2 months ago like I said. But they also said that if it doesn't work out that they would talk to the people who made Dragonball GT and try to sign with them, they aim to get about 650 episodes out of it. Which will probably take a while seeing as how long it took Akira Toriyama to make DragonBall that was only 180(it took him 10 years to finish it) but the people who made DragonBall GT might take a shorter time so I hope they sign!
Third Revision...
That picture was from another anime drawn by Akira. But then you would ask, Why does it say Dragonball AF down at the bottom of the manga then? Yes there is going to be a DragonBall AF but not with that SSJ5 in it. That isn't SSJ5 Goku, its a Dragon God or something. Bird Studios and Toei Animation are getting Akiras consent. The new series will leave off where GT ended, but they have added new things. Some of these new things are Vegeta Jr.s Sister Vaiki, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. are best friends like Trunks and Goten, Kuririn is in it, and they plan to get 370 episodes out of it not 650. A friends cousin in Japan told me about what sort of things they have on it out there. He said he saw some posters and stuff, and little books explaining it. They said that it's supposed to be better than all 3 DB series put together. It is supposedly going to be a manga first. It will be called Dragonball AF (After Future). They said the name will end up either After Future or something else. Akira isn't supposed to have any part with it, they said he might possibly have something to do with it. He isn't too sure because he is doing another manga now. So right now they are only supposed to get consent. Although he has been interested in starting another DB series. There also might possibly be an evil twin of Goku Jr. as a bad guy or something. The Goku Jr. twin has not been confirmed. This series is going to be more like DBZ with a thorough story line and not like GT. And if I get a hold of any more real material of this. I will for sure let you all have a look.

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