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WARNING: Don't be fooled by phony abdominal products! If you want defined abs, read this entire page!


Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a well-defined midsection? Does it seem impossible to get that prized six-pack you've always wanted? Stop dreaming and read on

Abdominal Secrets Revealed shows you everything needed to obtain great abs! You'll get the look you want in no time, guaranteed! Authored by world-class fitness and nutrition expert Justin Leonard, the Chief Fitness Consultant for Leonard Fitness, Inc. (, it covers topics such as . . .

Learn the Secret to Permanent Fat Loss

Eliminate flab from your abs, and cellulite from your thighs, hips, and buttocks! You'll learn why the same "fat loss" techniques needed to define abs for men, are the exact same techniques needed to tone the thighs, hips, and buttocks for women!

Find out how to customize your own simple, step-by-step permanent fat loss system! Turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

Body for Life

Does Bill Phillips mislead or even rip off consumers? Are the before and after product advertisement photos real or fake? Find out interesting, yet shocking facts about Bill Phillips, plus the downfalls and problems with the Body for Life program! Leonard reveals what Bill Phillips doesn't want consumers to know. Save your money! Throw your Excel spreadsheets away! The secrets are revealed!

How to Trim Your Abs Without Exercise

Sound too good to be true? Find out how easy it is to keep a fit midsection "without a single exercise movement!" 

Infomercial Products

Ab Force, Ab Slide, Torso Track, Ab Roller, Ab Twister, Abdominizer, Ab Cruncher, Ab Dolly, Ab Rocker, Torso Tiger, Ab-Doer (yes, even the Ab-Doer), electrodes that stimulate abdominal muscles . . . it doesn't matter! Don't buy a single "as seen on TV" abdominal trimmer until you read Abdominal Secrets Revealed!

Learn why the hyped-up Ultimate Lean Routine and Fat Neutralizer by Greg Isaac's aren't as effective as they look on TV, and why you shouldn't waste your money on Tae-Bo videos.

We'll even show you how infomercial products advertised for $39.99 such as the Ab Slide, Tae-Bo videos, Richard Simmons products, or the Body by Jake Ab Rocker can end up costing you up to $120.00 because of a hidden marketing scam. Find out why most infomercial products are useless, and learn what the product manufacturers don't want you to know. You'll be surprised!

Fat Free Products

Learn why many "fat free" foods aren't really fat free. The truth revealed!

How to "Not Diet" for Ripped Abs

Have you ever tried to follow a diet, but it seemed as if it would best suit someone else? Learn how to eat everyday foods by modifying your current diet and still keep a trim midsection! Abdominal Secrets Revealed caters to every diet preference even if you're a vegetarian or from a country other than the United States! Leonard understands that food specific diet programs are not the way to go! Use his easy to follow templates to plug in your favorite foods! Make the diet work for you!

How to Eat Anything You Want and Stay Lean

Learn why most people fail when they try to diet down, and why healthy eating can actually contribute to excess fatty stores around the abs.

Myths About Abdominals

Everyone has heard different opinions about what's best for abdominals. Find out which information you can throw out and which information you can use!

How to Eliminate Love Handles and Cellulite

This is by far everyone's nightmare! Learn how to completely eliminate problem areas "without having to workout!"

How to Get Abs and Keep Abs

What good is a defined midsection if it's only temporary? With a few basic concepts and techniques, your abs can be a lifelong asset!

Best Abdominal Exercises

Choose from a variety of fully detailed exercise descriptions with additional exercise tips and illustrations of the one's that actually work. Find out which abdominal exercises are best for getting cut. The results will shock you!

Workout Programs

Learn fully detailed workout programs, including proper techniques, and why most people train abdominals incorrectly.

Tips and Tricks

Bodybuilders maintain well-defined abdominals year around. See what techniques they use to keep ripped abs. You don't have to be a bodybuilder to stay toned. Leonard reveals the simple and surprising tricks of the trade secrets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore different types of abdominal questions collected from people all over the world. Eliminate skepticism about products you thought about buying on TV and in stores! Get an honest opinion from someone you can trust!

Weight Loss and Fat Burn Supplements

Save your money! Learn why most weight loss and fat burn supplements offer little or no benefit, and why you shouldn't expect too much (results) out of them. Don't buy a single supplement until you see what we have to say!

How to Get Defined Abs Without Training

This task may seem impossible, but can easily happen to anyone with a few never before revealed dieting techniques. In Abdominal Secrets Revealed, Leonard reveals the tips and secrets he gives to everyone from couch potatoes to world-class athletes. Find out what they are!

Low Cost Home Abdominal Products

Your house is a virtual gym! Abdominal Secrets Revealed shows you how to use everyday household items to train your abs as an alternative to overpriced infomercial products and gym equipment!

Trend Diets

Leonard shows you the hidden problems with many diets, including the Atkins diet. You'll also learn why diets that use a point system, such as the Weight Watchers diet, can still make you fat. The truth is unveiled!

Boost Self-Confidence

The knowledge that you gain from Abdominal Secrets Revealed will make you more self-assured because you will know exactly how to get defined abs. You'll want to put your new wealth of knowledge to the test!


Don't buy a single product that "guarantees" abdominal results! We'll show you how to spot scams instantly . . . Plus, you'll learn the strategies companies use to "trick" customers into buying their abdominal products.

How to Train Abs

Find out exactly what is needed (times, duration, frequency, do's and don'ts, etc.) to build definition. You'll be totally taken by what works and what doesn't!

" . . . by far the most informative abdominal book to date!"
It has happened to almost everyone at one point in time. You've read a book, but still couldn't seem to find the answers to your questions, or you were just plain confused. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually contact the author directly for clarification, support, or even a "free" consultation?

We won't leave you confused! Justin Leonard personally answers any and all questions regarding Abdominal Secrets Revealed! We also keep a staff on hand 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Every question is answered the same day it's received, even if it's on the weekend, guaranteed! Skeptical about this bold response time claim? Set your timer, send an email, and see how quickly you get a reply!

Take a look at some of the "real" testimonials we're getting!

"First, I want to express my sincere thanks on the abdominal secrets book. I too almost fell victim to all the ab machine infomercial scams. Having once bought an exercise machine, which is now collecting dust because of its inadequacy, I decided to search online for user satisfaction when I came upon Justin Leonard's site. I am satisfied with the information presented especially with the fact that many of the suggestions can be applied to all strength exercises in general."

- Alfred Polanco

"For the first time in years, I believe that I read the truth about diet and getting cut abs! No one pushing their own supplements. Justin's book, Abdominal Secrets, is worth 4 times the cost. I can't believe the quick, same day response."

Larry Chmiel

"Our organization recently purchased your Abdominal Secrets Revealed booklet. Your website was original and informative. Our organization feels confident in recommending your internet accessible information to fitness consumers who subscribe to our newsletter. Once again, kudos on an excellent resource for online consumers and we look forward to publishing your positive review."

- Jake Ledgerwood
  Consumer Fitness Guide, Inc.

"I loved the book. Couldn't take my eyes off it, took notes, and read the whole thing. I almost bought the AB-DOer, but wish I could have read your book before I bought the Ab Rocker and Torso Tiger. Thanks for all your help."

- Chris Mackey

"I never thought you would answer me but I am really happy you did. I am very glad that you return my e-mails with great support. I would also like to say that I really liked your paper. Written in a language that doesn't make you wanna sleep, just read on more. Thank you very much. I will tell you how it goes. Nice to have a pro to talk to, keeps the motivation up."

- Wojtek Bilinski, Sweden

"Thanks! After two weeks I'm starting to see serious results. I get plenty to eat and I still lose fat. This plan also gives me enough energy to make it through the day."

- LaMan Dantzler, SSgt, United States Air Force

"I have enclosed an attachment with a picture of what I looked like 12 weeks before my first competition at almost 260 pounds." h
"The other photo was taken the day of the show after placing first in my division. You can actually see my abs! I was extremely happy with my results. I really appreciate your guidance and support."

- Jason Venzant, Texas


Personal trainers charge up to $297.00 for a 2-page workout program, and it usually cost extra to add a diet program. You can access a personal trainer for their services, but can you access a personal trainer any time you want?

Abdominal Secrets Revealed is a convenient online book and a program, which totals over 175 pages in length, making it one of the the biggest in the world! You can download and print Abdominal Secrets Revealed instantly, or you can read it from your computer! You also get full 24-hour online support if you have questions!

Abdominal Secrets Revealed is valued at $179.95 because of the services available when purchased. But since the information inside is so critical, we felt we had to discount the price considerably so that everyone had a chance to gain "instant" access to this valuable piece of information. The "personal trainer" fee has been eliminated to save you money!

If you buy Abdominal Secrets Revealed today, it's only $29.95. That's a savings of $150.00 from its original retail value!

Just to sweeten the deal, we'll provide lifetime updates to Abdominal Secrets Revealed! Yes, we said lifetime! Updates will include the latest information on the following topics:

  • New abdominal products
  • Fat burners
  • Trend diets
  • Scams to watch out for
  • Other consumer trends (i.e. book reviews)

We'll show you the ups and downs of each as they come . . . for life!

We stand behind everything we say and do! We'll prove it! We're so confident you'll be happy with this exclusive source of information, we are offering a full 90-day money back guarantee! Yes, you heard it right. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked . . . and you can still keep Abdominal Secrets Revealed! We don't want you to feel as if you have to "rush" to get results within 30 days. Take your time, digest the information, and make sure it works! We can make this powerful claim because we rarely get returns! We're confident in the effectiveness of what we sell!



  Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution Body for Life Carbohydrate Addict's Diet Sugar Busters! Abdominal Secrets Revealed
Support from the author?   No   No   No   No   Yes
Lifetime updates?   No   No   No   No   Yes
Instant availability?   No   No   No   No   Yes
Live 24 hour support?   No   No   No   No   Yes
Money back guarantee?   No   Yes   No   No   Yes


Unlike other companies who charge outrageous amounts of money for their books because of fancy book covers and marketing strategies, we focus more on the quality of information . . . Oh, did we mention the fact that you don't have to pay for shipping expenses? It takes less than 2 minutes to gain access to this powerful source of information. Yes, you can have it right now!

By having "instant" online access to Abdominal Secrets Revealed, you avoid the cost of shipping. The savings are passed on to you! We've made the ordering process simple: The first and fastest way is with a credit card, using our online real-time "secured" server. The second way is to print out a mail order form.

From the author:

Through extensive research, I found that no other abdominal book, guide, course, or manual reveals as much in-depth information like Abdominal Secrets Revealed does. Most of the "abdominal books" I reviewed had about 12 - 20 solid pages of information, but the rest were nothing but recipes, and blank workout logs to monitor your progress.

The top selling abdominal book doesn't even come close to Abdominal Secrets Revealed. My book combines 175+ no filler pages of me pouring out over 10 years of knowledge and expertise into one narrowed down category. I want people to see what I have to say in Abdominal Secrets Revealed. I know my stuff and I've got the titles to prove it! I'm even willing to provide consultations if you need my assistance.

The true value is not in the cost of the offer, but in the value you will gain by having the information.

I'll give you my personal guarantee: Abdominal Secrets Revealed must be everything you expected it to be. It must yield results. It must also be the best abdominal book you've ever read. It must meet expectations, or you can send me your receipt within 90 days for a full and immediate refund.

I never worry about claims like this because my customers and clients are extremely happy. I get almost no returns!

Do the math:

  • Over 175 pages of abdominal information
  • Lifetime updates to Abdominal Secrets Revealed
  • "Live" 24-hour online support if you have questions
  • 90-day money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose! You're getting a lifetime investment for less than $30.00! How many of those can you find? There is no risk!

You may be wondering, "How do I know this isn't just another hyped up scam?" "How do I know if I'm getting my money's worth?"

I know it can sometimes be hard to decipher which companies are honest and credible these days. There are so may "bad apples" out there. Hopefully, my credentials will put you at ease:

(1.) I own one of the largest and most credible fitness websites, Leonard Fitness. I encourage you to go there to get an idea of the quality and service I represent. Customer service is one of my main focuses. Every email is answered the same day it's sent.

(2.) I don't hide my company behind a P.O. box or free, "alias" email service. A true company has its name in its email address. Leonard Fitness, Inc. is a Nevada corporation. My company address is listed at the bottom of this page.

(3.) I offer a 90-day money back guarantee, as opposed to a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to be fully comfortable with your purchase. I don't want you to feel "had" if you don't meet a 30-day return policy deadline.

(4.) Leonard Fitness was voted #1 by the world's largest internationally recognized computer television network, TechTV (formerly ZDTV). My website won the Merchant of the Week award and received a week's worth of television promotion. Go here to read their interview with me.

(5.) I give you the option of an email response test so that you can see that I do keep a staff on hand 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

(6.) My personal email address is available for those who purchase my materiel. Again, I don't have to hide behind an email alias. I'm accessible whenever you need me, and I reply to customer emails usually on the same day they're sent. I can do this because I rarely get emails. My book has virtually everything you need to know. Every question is answered. That's what I use to base a large percentage of my information content on; customer email questions.

I honestly try to do everything possible to make sure you get your money's worth. I want to take the "risk" out of online shopping, particularly at my website. Hopefully, you'll feel comfortable when buying from me.

My knowledge, truth, strategies, and techniques are proven effective time and time again. I look forward to hearing how I helped you achieve success.

  Justin Leonard
  Chief Fitness Consultant
  Leonard Fitness, Inc.

P.S. Because of an overwhelmingly popular demand, Abdominal Secrets Revealed will be available in hard copy within 45 to 60 working days (December 2000). If you would like to order in advance, go here and I will be more than happy to send you a personally signed copy.

This version of Abdominal Secrets Revealed will be new, extended, and improved. New features will include "every" known legitimate abdominal exercise with full descriptions, more tips and tricks, new diet templates, added content, and more frequently asked questions!  


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