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pache Havoc delivers Head to Head chopper warfare with two equally incredibly-modelled sims in one box !

  Two fully simulated combat helicopters: the US AH-64D Apache Longbow and the Russian Mil-28N Havoc B

  A 3D engine specially designed for low-level helicopter combat, which renders a highly sculpted terrain, enabling gamers to use natural and man-made features in true combat tactics. Now you can actually hover above a forest road, hiding behind the trees, out of enemy line of sight.

  Sunken rivers with raised banks offer enhanced ambush opportunity.

  Highly detailed and articulated 3D models, even down to rotor blades which droop as they slow

  Dynamic Campaigns giving the player many missions, and a different campaign every time

  4 large combat zones to explore

  All weather missions, including day, night, dusk, dawn and "real" rain and snow

  Aircraft carrier-based amphibious assault mission

  Full Multi-player dynamic campaign support, via serial, modem, LAN, or Internet

  Authentic flight dynamics that will please even the most hardcore flight-sim enthusiast

  Highly-detailed cockpit graphics including 30 in-cockpit views plus a 3D-modelled virtual cockpit

  Authentic avionics displays and instrumentation

  Realistic and Novice options

  Stereo Sound Effects and Speech

  Direct 3D support, to ensure that most 3D accelerator cards are supported

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