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Clips from Season 8 available every Sunday at noon BEFORE the episode airs.

Choice clips from the show.  To  assure high quality all clips are .mpg files 320 x 240 unless otherwise noted.
Clips available THIS month:
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Season 8 clips from "Invocation" now available!
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"Clips of the month" for December
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Season 7 3 full pages
Only first page of clips available
Clips available NEXT month:
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Season 1 & Season 2
"Clips of the month" for January
Download Times: (50k connection)
   5 sec. clip(600kb)  takes   3-4 min.
  15 sec. clip(1700kb) takes 6-7 min.
  30 sec. clip (3100kb) takes 12-13 min.
Coming Soon:
Movie & Other Clips
"Clips of the month" for February
Season 6
"Clips of the month" for March
Season 5
"Clips of the month" for April

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