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 Blue Warrior released (3/Dec/2000, 06:34am)   games 

    ag0ny - Moai-Tech have released their latest game: Blue Warrior. This is a Knightmare-like game for MSX2 and higher with FM and MoonSound support.

    The game will be presented in the 18th Salon del MSX on December 9th. Price will be 1850 pesetas (11.3 euro). It is already being sold, and can be ordered sending email to Manuel Dopico. A game review will be available here soon.

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 Internet access finally possible from MSX! (3/Dec/2000, 04:05am)   software 

    ag0ny - With the release of the new version of UZIX, it is finally possible to connect to the Internet using an MSX computer! The previous version (v0.1.6) did already support the SLIP protocol and kernel PPP support, but lacked a dialer that could be used to hook to an ISP. The new release (v0.1.7) finally comes with a dialer (chat) that can be used by pppd for connecting to the Internet through any ISP in the world using the PPP protocol.

    As of version v0.1.7, these are the network applications included with UZIX:

    • telnet client.
    • ping client.
    • finger client.
    • ftp client.
    • POP3 email client.
    • DNS client (nslookup ).
    • Network status program (netstat).
    • SLIP driver (slattach).
    • PPP driver (pppd).
    • Dial-up driver (chat).

    There is no web browser yet, but there is a version of FudeBrowser for UZIX (FudeBrowZer) in development, that will be released with a future release of UZIX. Until then, it is already possible to check email, transfer programs using FTP (remember the FTP server at Funet? ;)) , and telnetting into any host in the Internet.

    UZIX runs on any MSX (MSX1/2/2+/Turbo-R) with a diskdrive. Of course, it is free. You can download it from Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha's web site: http://uzix.msx.org.

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 Pastel Hope games available for free (23/Nov/2000, 02:58am)   games 

    ag0ny - As Studio Wing did some time ago, Pastel Hope (http://www.pastelhope.com) has released all their old MSX games (released from 1991 to 1996) for free in their web site. The games are: Poyopoyo Life, Hoipple, Bubble Utilize, Poyopoyo Life 2, Hamaraja Night, VS Rotation, PH.Sound Disk, Poyopoyo Life 3 ,The Best of Hamaraja Night y Mahou no Kuni no Hoipple.

    Poyopoyo Life and Hoipple

    Bubble Utilize

    All the games are available at Pastel Hope's web site: http://www.pastelhope.com (Japanese-only website).

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 More MSX Jau 2000 pictures (22/Nov/2000, 08:28pm)   meetings 

 fMSX-DOS Loader v1.3 (22/Nov/2000, 08:05pm)   emulators 

 King's Valley II for Windows (beta 4) (16/Nov/2000, 09:02pm)   non-msx-software 

 Studio Wing distribute by free their MSX games (15/Nov/2000, 01:20am)   games 

    ag0ny - Takamichi Suzukawa told us about Studio Wing (http://www.st-wing.com), a japanese software company that released some games for the MSX platform. They have decided to make their games freely available in their web site:

    The games are distributed as LZH-compressed disk images and as a LZH-compressed archive. Please note that these games are Japanese adventures (like Snatcher) and require a high level of Japanese to be understood.

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 BOSS MSX Front-End 2.0b (15/Nov/2000, 01:20am)   emulators 

    ag0ny - There is a new version of the Front-End for fMSX by The BOSS. This new release features:

    • New music added
    • New images added
    • Floppy quick remove
    • Save and load for personal settings (auto-load on startup)
    • New game quick setting, some have music included
    • Support for floppy B
    • Layout changed
    • Added videoadapter selection
    • Quick access to updates, info, games, downloads and programs for use with the Front-end.

    It is available from the author's site: http://members.ams.chello.nl/koppejan.

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 D-MSX completely updated (15/Nov/2000, 12:32am)   internet 

 Article about computer collecting in a spanish magazine (14/Nov/2000, 11:30pm)   publications 

    ag0ny - Eko' is a spanish magazine focused on business. There is an article in November's issue about computer collecting, and there is a big part of the article focused on the MSX. Also, there is an interview to ag0ny as an aamsx.org representative.The article talks about MSX user meetings in Barcelona and Madrid, and our wer site and MSX Power Replay's. This is the cover, and one page of the article:

    As a curiosity: the article writer mistook the names, and everywhere where it should write 'Javi Lavandeira' shows instead 'Rafael Corrales'. They will post a note about this in the next issue. :)

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 King Kong II translation update (14/Nov/2000, 10:30pm)   games 

 Manesis and Tokimeki Knightmare (14/Nov/2000, 09:52pm)   non-msx-software 

    ag0ny - Takamichi Suzukawa has informed us about two MSX games clones for PC: Manesis and Tokimeki Knightmare. They are, respectively, clones of two well known Konami's games: Nemesis and Knightmare. These clones are programmed for Windows 9x using a engine that looks a lot like a MSX1 computer or a MSX emulator. Please note that these are not MSX games. These are screenshots taken from the games:

    These games are available from the author's web site:

    This page is written in Japanese, so we make the games available here for anyone who can't read Japanese:

    Also note that these games are not like the originals. They include new features (weapons, graphics, musics...) not found in the original MSX games.

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 MSX JŠu 2000 pictures (14/Nov/2000, 01:42pm)   meetings 

 FM-PACs ready for production (13/Nov/2000, 04:42pm)   hardware 

    ag0ny - Leonardo Padial's FM-PACs are ready for production. If you're interested in buying one, you should contact Club Hnostar (http://www.hnostar.com). The price will be 8450 pesetas (52 euro), plus shipping costs. The order should be placed before the end of november. If you're interested in more than one unit, please contact Leonardo (lpadial@teleline.es) for information about special conditions.

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 paraMSX v0.20 (9/Nov/2000, 02:02pm)   emulators 

    ag0ny - Yeongman Seo has released a new version of his MSX emulator for Windows: paraMSX. This is a free Windows port of fMSX v2.1 (Windows version of fMSX is commercial software). The requirements are quite high for an emulator, but it is said to run correctly if your PC is powerful enough. These are the new features:

    • Kanji driver(KNJDRV.ROM) will be loaded at MSX2+ mode.
    • Fixed screenshot bug.
    • Fixed sprite color in SCREEN 1 mode.
    • Fixed PSG envelope bug.
    • Added new scanline modes for 16bit color.
    • Added CPU speed option.
    • Added time acceleration option.
    • Added NumPad-key binding. (when NumLock is turned on)
    • Some key bindings changed.

    It is available at the author's web page: http://my.dreamwiz.com/sharksym.

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 MSX Power Replay is no longer an authorized distributor of Padial Hardware (8/Nov/2000, 07:56pm)   hardware 

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  •  software 

  • Internet access finally possible from MSX!
  • EVAIDE v0.09.1
  • FDISK for IDE 3.10 and BIOS 2.01 for IDE released
  • FAT16 for Sunrise IDE completed!
  • EVAIDE v0.08
  • New release of UZIX with PPP support
  • CP/M 3.0 binary and source for MSX
  • MSX Turbo Pascal 3.3f freely available
  • UZIX 0.1.6 for MSX1
  • MSX Windows 2000
  • Updated: Sunrise for MSX
  • EVAIDE v0.06
  • UZIX 0.1.6 released
  • EVA player for IDE interface
  • MSXCas
  • GEM 0.5 released!

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