This site was built to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all those who contribute to the perpetual education of young children.  While visiting, hands-on participation is encouraged!  Feel free to explore all of the areas in the preschool.  Add to this site by sharing your ideas for working with young children.  With your help and knowledge, The Perpetual Preschool can become a valuable asset to Early Childhood Educators across the world!

New Online Classes

Pre-K Educators and the Internet
Starts January 11, 2001
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Nutrition Fun For Preschool Children
Starts February 7, 2001
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Web Site Design For Early Childhood Educators
Starts February 6, 2001
Click Here For Details

Creative Art For Preschoolers
Starts January 10, 2001
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Revised: December 05, 2000 
There Are Now 117 Themes For You To Use In Your Classroom!                
New!! Alphabetical Listing Of All Of The Areas On The Perpetual Preschool

New Area!!!  Truce: Toy Action Guide  
This guide helps parents and educators of young children make developmentally 
appropriate toy choices during the holiday season.  Download it now!

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