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The progress in Alternative Medicine Knowledge is allowing to extend natural products that for thousands of years have been healing diseases and regulating body functions in both men and women

Many cultures that have transcended in time, as the Asian, Hindu, and South American cultures, have ancestral secrets that were inherited by spoken and written education. It is thanks to these spoken and written traditions that people in the year 2000 are able to use these medicinal plants that in some instances may also be defined as miraculous plants.

The use of phyto-therapy, phyto-chemistry, and other laboratory technologies have permitted identify plant active macromolecules that allow us to offer, with high confidentiality, an standardized product with guaranteed quality.

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Abuta (Abuta grandifolia), Asmachilca (Aristiguieta disclor), Cola de Caballo (Equisetum bogotense), Cuti Cuti (Notholaena nivea), Flor de Arena (Tiquilia paronychioides), Hierba Juan de Alonso ( Acanthoxantium), Huamanpinta (Chuquiraga spinosa), Muña (Minthostachys mollis), Pajaro Bobo (Tessaria integrifolia), Palohuaco (MIkania guaco), Pinco Pinco (Ephedra americana), Valeriana (Valeriana sp.), Wira wira (Senecio canescens)