Oswald's Tax Records Listing

Marina Oswald Porter
IRS Forms

Marina Oswald Porter

The following IRS documents are being released by Marina Oswald Porter. These are the same documents that the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) spent considerable effort trying to obtain. Marina had requested that the ARRB release other more important documents (which she listed in a letter and a statement to them in 1996) as she alone had the right to release the IRS records. The ARRB failed to act on her request. Marina still seeks the release of these withheld documents.

IRS Forms

IRS 1040 (form) for 1956
Commission No. 90a, NARA RIF 179-40004-10446.  Page 1.  Page 2.
IRS 1040 (punch cards) for 1958
Commission No. 90a, NARA RIF 179-40004-10443.  Page 1.  Page 2.
IRS 1040 (form and punch cards) for 1959
Commission No. 90a, NARA RIF 179-40003-10037.  Page 1.  Page 2.  Page 3.  Page 4.  Page 5.
IRS 1040 (punch cards) for 1962 and Last Paycheck
Commission No. 90a, NARA RIF 179-40001-10376.  Page 1.  Page 2.  Page 3.


January 2, 1964 memo from IRS to Treasury
This document does not appear to be included in the JFK collection at the National Archives. Justice Department investigation into Oswald and other REDACTED parties.  Page 1. Page 2.  Page 3.
February 17, 1964 memo from Treasury to Rankin
Commission No. 425. It is unknown if this document appears in the JFK collection at the National Archives. The document lists Oswald's addresses and income reported by year.  Page 1.  Page 2.

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