making peanut rings photostory

Here you can read about how Mariam and her mother, Awa, make peanut rings (or croua-croua) in their small village of Siguin Voussé. They are sitting in the small yard outside their home.

pouring in the peanut butter  

First of all, freshly made peanut butter is tipped into a big basin. 

In the past the peanuts would have been ground with a pestle and mortar on a stone. But now there is a grinding mill in the village, and Mariam's mother, Awa, pays to have the peanut butter made.

adding warm water While Awa kneads the peanut butter, Mariam collects warm water in her gourd container. The water is added to the mixture to separate some of the oil from the peanut butter.
mixing in the water Awa works the warm water into the peanut butter. The smooth texture is lost as the water and oil are mixed together.
squeezing out the oil Awa squeezes the oil from the butter. This oil will be bottled and used in cooking. Peanut oil is an essential ingredient of the sauces that the family eat at every evening meal. If Awa has enough oil, she will sell some at the market.
rolling out the peanut rings
After removing a lot of the oil, Awa rolls out the ‘dough’ to produce peanut rings, which the Bissa people call ‘croua croua’.
frying the peanut rings Mariam dips the peanut rings in hot peanut oil to make them crisp, so that they hold their circular shape. She cooks on an open fire, which is ringed by a circle of stones to support the cooking pots.
cooked peanut rings The peanut rings are ready to eat or to sell.

Mariam's sister eating a peanut ring

the end

One of Mariam’s ‘sisters’ eats a  peanut ring. The Saré family will not eat many of the rings because they have been made to sell at the market in Ounzeogo.

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