Waco Whitewash

by Ace R. Hayes
(September/October 1995 issue)

The U.S. House of Commons, corrupted to the will of the Imperial State, held a dog-and-pony show which claimed to be an investigation of Imperial State mass murder of citizens and Constitutional rights. The PFP was not impressed, amused or reassured. We are still proud members of the "cover-ups-don't-cut-it" crowd which is called the "paranoid conspiracy theorists" by the government fan club.

PFP sent a fax to 17 members of the sub-committees holding the Waco "hearings." Our cover sheet, 26 July 1995, stated, "The hearings so far are a joke! No member has gone into the issues and charges contained in the legal complaint filed by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

"Failure to deal with the FBI Assassination Unit and the destruction of evidence will equal a cover-up.

"A cover-up will be duly reported and you will become just another Warren Commission."

With the cover sheet we sent seven pages of Civil Action #H-95-587 filed February 27, 1995 in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas, which contain the key charges by Clark, et al. Excerpts from this document, which has been blacked out by the corporate media and absolutely ignored by the committees, follow:

"At about noon [19 April 1993] FBI agents on foot entered the Church, and fired shots which struck plaintiffs many of whom were dead, or unconscious from gas inhalation. Several FBI defendants proceeded to the second floor and placed an explosive material on the top of the concrete Church vault [in which women and children were crowded on the floor] at the 2nd floor level." (p. 43)

"Within seconds ... of the withdrawal of the tank, armored vehicles and FBI agents, fire caused by the illegal, intentional, reckless and negligent acts of FBI defendants spread throughout the Church building. ...

"At about 12:20 p.m. a huge explosion blasted a hole several feet in diameter ... [in] the concrete ceiling of the Church vault, crushing, cutting, burying and killing or injuring most of the approximately 30 persons in the vault." (p. 44)

"It [FBI] planned to demolish the Church building, to destroy evidence of the ATF attack on February 28, including evidence of the first shots fired by ATF at the front door of the Church and the lethal firing at the Church from helicopters which the ATF denied." (p. 47)

"The FBI defendants sealed off Church premises and controlled all access during and after the April 19 attack. They then began systematically destroying evidence of wrongful government conduct including the final destruction of the Church building to destroy evidence of thousands of entry bullet holes, the leveling in May 1993 of the Church vault to prevent examination of the blast hole in the ceiling, the scraping and removal of the remains of the building including concrete foundation slabs and dirt which contained thousands of expended bullet slugs from government firearms, evidence of lethal chemicals, accelerants and other dangerous elements used in the assault and other evidence. The FBI defendants caused the refrigeration to be cut off at the morgue in Fort Worth without notice to plaintiffs and before they were able to secure autopsies, causing remains of deceased Church members to disintegrate in order to destroy evidence of the causes of death, including cyanide and other poisoning, death occurring prior to bullets being fired into the corpses, the caliber and firearm from which shots were fired at bodies and other important evidence.

"The defendants have conspired to cover-up and destroy evidence of their acts against the Church and its members, to deceive the public about the nature of the attacks and the siege of the Church and to demonize the Church, its members, plaintiffs and decedents. The conspiracy continues to this day." (pp. 47-48)

Not a word of any of this has been permitted into public awareness. This is a monstrous crime by Co-chairs McCollum and Zeliff along with every one of the other 15 Congressional members who received the PFP fax. There is no way they can claim ignorance. PFP individually faxed the information to their offices on Imperial Hill.

Exactly one member of the 17 replied, Co-chair Zeliff. In a letter dated 8 August 1995, he made the following statements: " ... I believe we conducted a thorough, fair and independent investigation. ... I hope we have answered many of the questions you had on the tragedy in Waco."

Far be it from PFP to be more outraged with the one member of the Joint Committee who made even a feeble effort to respond than with the 16 who sit in splendid silence.

Has everyone in the Imperial Congress lost his/her mind? Can no one read simple English?

The FBI murdered everyone they could and destroyed as much evidence as possible. This was the issue that screamed for investigation. The Joint Committee spent its ten days spreading whitewash. Anyone who watched and/or listened to the hearings, as PFP did, clearly noted the Alice in Wonderland quality. The two Davidians and their two attorneys gave a clear and consistent story of ATF, FBI and military aggression and Davidian self-defense. However, every person on the imperial payroll told a story that was the exact opposite.

PFP has no problem deciding that it was the Imperial spear-chuckers and chiefs who were lying. Who destroyed the evidence? Who kept the press and independent investigators miles from the crime scene? Who obliterated the crime scene itself? Who "lost" the steel-covered front door which would have shown whether bullets were going in or out?

The imperial thugs destroyed the evidence of their "innocence?" Not likely. People destroy evidence of their guilt, they preserve evidence of innocence. The Davidians destroyed no evidence whatsoever.

This was not an investigation. It was another bullet in the heart of representative government.