Other Web Sites


Following are a few Web sites that are especially useful for research in classical Japanese literature:

Professor Matsuoka's home page, with extensive links to Japanese literature Web pages.

Professor Watson's home page, a major source of important links, very up-to-date.

The Nihon Bungaku site at Fukui University, probably the most extensive ftp site for Japanese classical literature.

The JALLC FTP Text Archives List at Fukui University, which has extensive overlap with the site above.

The National Institute of Japanese Literature home page.

The Japanese Classical Literature Text Index, which largely duplicates information from the sites above.

Duke University Library Japanese studies page, an example of a well-maintained subject page.

Some examples of pages dedicated to single literary works:
Genji Monogatari
Basho's Oku no Hosomichi

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June 28, 1999