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The name sends shivers up and down parts of the body most people never knew they had. It can, in severe cases, dislocate the kneecaps and cause crunge on the knodge.
Sabrina was big in Australia - as she was wherever she went. On June 2, 2000 then Melbourne Herald-Sun finally gave the coverage that she so magnificently deserved.

Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes) born in Wales in 1938 and later nicknamed "The Hunchfront of Lime Grove" was part of Britain's golden age of pin-ups. By the late 50's, Sabrina was known across the U.K. as both a pin-up model and a television personality. By the early 60's, she made her American movie debut in "Satan in High Heels." By the end of the 60's, just like many others, she found herself doing forgettable psychosexploitation movies.

Sabrina in the Evening Star: "Crowds broke through police cordons and tore down a canvas canopy in Ipswich yesterday in their effort to get a closer look at Sabrina – Britain’s number one dumb blonde."
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A review of Satan in High Heels:

Thanks to a great title, a Playboy layout, a thrift-store movie-tie-in paperback and even a soundtrack album that occasionally shows up in used-record stores, this legendary kinkfest is probably the most famous "adults-only" feature no one has actually seen. So, does the stiletto-shod devil doll live up to her sordid reputation? Yes--and no. Thanks to cheesy dialogue, heavy-breathing theatrics and a snazzy S&ampM production number, the pic is still a kicky way to kill 90 minutes. ... Madame Satan trades bitchy barbs with the club's queeny piano player and insults the orthodontically challenged sexpot (Sabrina) with whom she shares the bill. The high-heeled hellion also finds time to take a pristine nude swim, commit father/son adultery and unsuccessfully arrange a murder-for-hire plot. Satan in High Heels unfortunately failed to launch an avalanche of foot-fetish flicks. Pity, too. Imagine the possibilities: Hellion in High Tops, Vixen in Vans, Kitten in Clogs, Minx in Mukluks. . . .

The video is available from Movies Unlimited (click on SEARCH BY and select TITLE with the word "Satan") if your VCR can play NTSC.

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Storm in a D-cup when Sabrina sang at Nelson
Looking Back, with Eric Leaver

SHE was the glamour-puss of black and white TV - the sweater-girl, dumb blonde who stunned 1950s viewers with her own 3-D effect. 

But back in 1956, Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes, of Blackpool) was looking for a career change a move up from the silent sex-symbol character she played in comedian Arthur Askey's "Before Your Very Eyes" show.

And it was in January that year that she chose East Lancashire as the place to make the switch - breaking her silence to appear as a solo vocalist at Nelson's Imperial Ballroom. 

Sabrina was also rapping out publicity for her "saucy" Sunday newspaper story, seen billed on the wall behind her with the headline "I'm not dumb!"

She never made the big-time as a songstress and had a hard time making herself heard at the outset when she took the stage at Nelson.

For as the Northern Daily Telegraph reported, male admirers crowded round the bandstand carried on whistling and shouting for so long that she could hardly get in a note in edgeways.

Among her fans was 32-year-old Nelson singer Terry Dale who, that night, rushed from a concert at Burnley to croon the special "Sabrina Samba" number that local photographer Albert Morris and butcher Alan Ashworth composed in her honour and later presented a copy of the score to her backstage.

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