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Author Topic:   Wizard Quest
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posted September 22, 2000 12:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Daemonn     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I saw this on another board:
Anya AngelFyre
Registered User
(9/22/00 7:02:21 am)
Possible Arantir Karondor
In a wild idea I took a trip to a very remote and secluded place. Tim Deep hidden cove. In the past it was empty and devoid of NPC's, thier are 3 new NPC's in this cove. One of the NPC's is a vendor , One is a Erudit cleric red at 51, and the last was an erudit(unknown class) but when he is hailed he say something about how you found his hidding place. He is standing at the inn door in the cove. I didnt have the truespirit faction to get anything out of him but i think this is our guy. What he says when hailed screams Arantir Karondor I cant try it again until i get out of work 10 hours from now so could someone who has the faction go take a look.

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posted September 22, 2000 02:59 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I checked the Tim Deep cove area out pretty thoroughly, and unless I missed some trigger or something, this isn't it. One NPC has interesting story to tell about the Triumvirate's war against Fennin Ro (the cleric), Lheao is a non-caster who just says "Visitors to this area are rare, please don't tell anyone about this place", 3rd is a vendor selling liquor/brewing stuff.

So moving onward

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posted September 22, 2000 03:06 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Okay, it seems Lheao is for a quest afterall, named mob in Skyfire drops a book that you give to the new npc in Erudin Library who gives you a note to take to Lheao. As to wether this is the same quest, I dunno.

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posted September 22, 2000 08:04 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Name of the book is Immortals I believe.


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Roleb Mindreader
posted September 22, 2000 10:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
just a note, Stofo is for the enchanter quest so i doubt its for the wizard one

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posted September 23, 2000 06:24 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
How on Earth did you ever get the idea to hand Camin 1000pp? That's a HUGE leap in faith to say the least.

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posted September 23, 2000 01:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
It would be pretty funny if Arantir Karondor turned out to be the PoD. I mean, the guy already has an FBR right?

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posted September 23, 2000 02:15 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey guys, here's just a tought.

I once heard there was a NPC named Ritnara somewhere... Ritnara = Arantir backwards... And since Verant loves backward words (Qeynos = SonyEQ, and such) this might be your NPC...

But I am sorry, I can't remember where I heard about this NPC (I think it was on some forum), nor where he/she is... very sorry

Jarrane Zexus,
Cleric of Innoruuk, 54th season,
Mystical Fate,
Terris-Thule server.

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posted September 23, 2000 07:38 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Another backwards term they used (or stole, if you prefer) is Dark Elf Reaper of the Dead Quests secret code. "Utalk adarev otcin" backwards this is "Klatu Verada Nicto"
the words Ash spoke in "Army of Darkness" to release the seal on the Necronomicon.

I watch too much TV

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posted September 23, 2000 10:37 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hehe, FYI - Clatu Barata Niktu was not made up in Army of Darkness, but was borrowed by it from some much older Sci-Fi movie

As far as Priest of Discord wearing the FBR, well, technically he is wearing the Robe of Discord, which he drops 50% if you kill him (the other half of the time he drops the staff of discord with 'morphs' into a FS morning star if you zone with it... some casters use this for the novelty of equiping a FS morningstar). Interestingly, the Robe of Discord has the exact same stats as an FBR tho, and of course looks the same, heh.

Some people wear the Robe of Discord as a trophy after killing the rather tough dude, some Necros can even solo him without exploits.

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posted September 23, 2000 11:00 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Posted by Azaar on Graffe

MM Advisor is definitley True Spirit faction

I checked out the advisor today and he conned kindly to me, the previous night I worked my True Spirit faction with Camin up to kindly. Also I was with someone else to whom he conned dubious and I dragged them to Erudin afterwards to con Camin and lo and behold he was dubious to said person as well. If the advisor is on True Spirit faction he is definitley more important than just dropping a robe, but I couldn't figure out what to say to him.. I tried all the keywords I could think of *however* I have a suspicion it might require warmlyfaction. (You can ask him questions without hailing him, thats what causes him to attack you.. just DONT hail him) I have a good feeling this is our guy, we just haven't tried the right key phrases at the right faction level (most likely warmly).

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posted September 24, 2000 01:39 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
All.... all that I've discoverd... of the new NPCs for the 'FA' type class quests are of the TrueSpirit base faction.

I checked this with, shaman & necro NPCs and they all went from apprehensive through indifferent through amiable to kindly as I delived notes to Camin.

It doesn't look as though we're going to get an easy clue to our Wizard quest NPCs simply by seeing that they're "kindly" or "amiable".... which is too bad.

Fanorn of Tunare

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posted September 24, 2000 09:15 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Btw, the book "Immortals" is dropped in Skyfire from the Guardian of Felia, a wyvern. It is No Drop.

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posted September 24, 2000 11:15 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Lets look at past experience with the wizard class. Given what we all know about wizards (unbalanced and low mana pool for the mana its costs to cast basic DD spells, and uselessness in a group post 50) we can pretty much assume that this item wont do too much for us. Unless it adds like 2000 mana and boots our mana regen to that of clarity / Clarity 2 , whats the point? My int is maxed so i dont need that, I have enough mana items on to make me happy. So My magic resist is 130. So basically if this item adds any significant amount of mana (which it wont) It would increase down time. The only way i see this item being worth it is if it adds a really nice ammount of mana and adds mana regen. And like i said before atleast 2000 mana and not this 100 mana crap which is = to 1/4 cast of Ice commet and 1/2 a cast of an draught spell, which is about good enough for another 3 roots!!!! with 10 mana left over .

As far as where the NPC is, it will most likely be in Kunark being that its prolly going to be a difficult quest. I cant believe a rogue completed the quest already. They really love to hand the melee classes the items dont they? Time consuming quest they say? lol what ever Verant. They should rename the wizard quest the "Firey Forever and a day Quest" . If the "Wizard" we seek is not in Kunark, he is most likely right under our noses. Look around ...there must be clues as to where he is. Good Luck everyone, I really hope this item is just more than useless INT buffs.

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posted September 24, 2000 12:29 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Well here's more news....

I got the book 'Immortals' from a 'shadow drake' drop in Skyfire. I turned it into tomekeeper Danl in the Erudin Libary and indeed he like it very much... gave me xps, 29 plat and a 'note'. He said he wished [Lheao] could see this. Ah-ha !

Well I travelled to the Timorous Deep & found Lheao at the Inn in the rather "hidden" area in the south of the zone. I gave him the "reference from Danl" and he said "I'll need both a reference from Danl and proof of your mastery".

I tried 50 different variants of "what proof of my mastery", but got no response.

At this point methinks this is _not_ the Wizard quest route (would love to be proved wrong). Proof of mastery sounds more like a Mage or possible Enchanter thingy where he wants a high level summoned object given to him (i.e. only something a high level mage could provide thus limiting the level at which someone could do the quest).

That's it so far.... keep posting.

Fanorn or Tunare

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posted September 24, 2000 01:28 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

"Wine whine whine, Verant will prolly give us a rusty dagger for our quest, whine whine whine, its too hard, whine whine whine, nobody like us, whine whine whine, poor us.."

Grow up and get a life, dude. All these people on here (well, most) are trying to contribute to the discovery of this quest, and you just pop in for a whinefest. Want some cheese with that? Geez...

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Nicolbolas, Karana
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posted September 24, 2000 04:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nicolbolas, Karana     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I bet this will be a staff; mind my words, it will be. Wizards = staves (or wands), staves = Wizards ; only Wizards have such a liking for those phallic items, and only a Staff with particles and a huge lot of stats (see the Rogue dagger !!!) can be an untimate reward for a Wizard. The best possible prize would be a staff with both super stats AND a right-click-activated DD spell, like Solist's Icy Wand has.

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posted September 24, 2000 09:38 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sorry FLAMER I didnt realise the topic wasnt open for opinions on the quest...Though I doubt you started the topic. Based on your maturity and obvious reading ability, you would see that I also had things to say about the quest. Try reading the whole thing before you speak and when you do speak, try not to be a 3rd grader and try to start fights.

Anyway, with that book of mastery or what ever, what race was the person you handed the book? I also don't think that would be him because I believe when this NPC is found he will be alone. After all what is a secret hiding spot if other people know about it? I was thinking of trying to search the Frontier Mnts. I have a feeling this is going to take a while to find him. Also, is there anywhere that says what race Solesk Ro was?

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posted September 25, 2000 12:53 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Commonsin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by bbplayer5:
Based on your maturity and obvious reading ability, you would see that I also had things to say about the quest.

What was it exactly that you said about the quest?
How are casters getting the shaft becuase a melee type found their weapon first?

I'm sorry but I don't like seeing complaints that aren't worth reading.

What fool can guage a Wizard's power? Let him burn if he thinks he can.....

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posted September 25, 2000 03:17 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I've searched Felwith, Butcherblock, Lavastorm, Steamfont, Ak'anon, lesser fey, Greater fey...
With all the wizards around, someone has to find the hidden 'Arantir Karondor'.
The game gets boring when I can't find a group, so I go searching. But now, thats becoming a fruitless venture too.
Why make it so dang hard?
I'd just like to know where that guy is and talk to him. I know I won't get those items for months, anyhow.

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posted September 25, 2000 11:25 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
FYI "Klatu Verata Nikto" was from "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and wizards are NOT useless in a group post-50

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posted September 25, 2000 12:34 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
LOL Doh posted this on hole board outside our topic. LOL well they see how I feal now.

Dang Rouges Weapon is sweet what the heck everyones quest seems to be going good so far and were still stuck at the second step (so we think) Well have to say this Verant is not stupid they stumped every wizard in the game so far.

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posted September 25, 2000 03:02 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
i'm quite a low level wiz, but i'm watching the hunt for the new itme with anticipation.
to answer bb's question solusek ro was a god and is o no race. and to state the obvious arantir will probably be human, erudian, dark elvish, high elvish or gnomish. yes i kw its obvious to all but at least it's written down now. i hope the item is found.

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CT wiz
posted September 25, 2000 04:23 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Along with the lines of the other epic quests, i can't figure why this fellow is so hard to find. other classes have no problem finding the person but the difficulty is in obtaining the items they tell you to get. well, we haven't even moved far enough into our quest yet to know what Camin/AK wants from us, let alone finding the person. It would seem that this part would be much easier then it has turned out to be or we are over looking something under our noses.

And, if you think that maybe the "challenge" is in finding AK... i would have to believe that it is not. becuase once someone finds him and posts it, then this "challenge" that was made so hard would be over and simple for everyone else. the hard part needs to be in obtaining items or keeping npc's alive(As in druid quest).

back to the quest: where AK is, i do not know. frustration is setting in.

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posted September 25, 2000 10:38 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Man, this is sad, been to three different threads and all i see are whining, insults
and off the wall suggestions..

Things we know,
Solomen - start of quest temple of sol ro
gives you a note to take to carmin rah
that basically contains the list of 4
Mistletoe powder (from seb) -Confirmed
Dragon Bones (fear) - not confirmed
Rune of Unbound Thought - unknown
jet black egg - unknown
Camin is doing research on the mysterious
Ak guy. Lets focus on the problem.

Where is the AK dude?
Where to get the dragon bones?
Where to get the rune?
Where to get the egg?

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