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Thursday January 18, 2001         Todays Headlines
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The Gun I Hate To Love [06:56 am]
332 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
Well as I mentioned yesterday I somehow got the urge to start writing editorial content. Not sure how long it will last but the current plan is to pick a topic, and make a fool of myself talking about it every Thursday. To start things off I'm going to come out of the closet on something that has irked me for a while, the instant shot / instant kill weapon. AKA Railgun. The gun I hate to love.

... instant and great rewards for a well placed shot. Big highs and big lows with nothing in between. A truly addictive nature. It's great fun to watch a Railgun duel between two great players, they hit amazing shots and its like a fireworks show. Oh I love to watch that stuff. But then I get to thinking, man does this weapon dumb down the game. I mean bad. Where is the depth? Shouldnt we try to harness and reward more skills than just aim? [snip]

Movie Games [06:47 am]
22 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
3DAP has an interview with Tritin films, the folks behind that wacky idea of using game engines. They are actually breaking out of that mold with their latest project though. Just using artwork from the Q3 engine. The amount of work going into this stuff is just crazy

Basically, this film outdoes anything you saw in the Quake 2 intro movie. It also involves over 30-50 times the animation that Paul Steed did in all 3 Quake games. It's a long project and it's really coming out to be something everyone will love.

On the other hand, it was recently revealed that Anna Kang's company is using the Quake3 engine to make something along those lines as well, but in engine.Is a game engine really the best platform? The footage sure is neeto.




werd [06:44 am]
470 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
Starting early again this morning just because it's wacky Thursday! Got some bad news for people who play on the Shack servers this morning, the Shack server is going to be moving to the east coast and probably wont be hosting any more Q3 or CS servers. In order to save $ wherever I can I've agreed to host Shack on the UGO backbone. (Same place VE and Blues are hosted). What if UGO goes down? Fear not, the current Shack box will remain in Texas on standby along with DNS control.

The good news is that for the move I've wrangled up an even faster server since you guys manage to cap out this old dual 600 every once in a while. In addition we're moving over from Linux to FreeBSD for a bit more speed.

IOTD: Thats a really peculiar thing to feed a sheep dont you think? Thanks corey f.

Oh really? Well, that "symptom" is fucking my wife.

Wednesday January 17, 2001         Todays Headlines
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Evening Reading [08:04 pm]
1583 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
I remember as a small child growing up on a South American pot farm I used to wonder what it was like outside my little part of the world. I'd ask my father as I picked the crops. "Dad? Does everyone grow pot?" He would exhale annoyed with me and say "Son, you're a retard, and you're ugly. Get pickin little bitch". I took that as a no. 15 years later, every pot grower with an internet connection can see the world from their living room, via Evening Reading!

- Internet fight! Take on your favorite website in a battle of epic proportions. Here's an interview with the guy even. Thanks Mynx
- Drinking and driving? Who says it isnt fun? Ok you have to be an absolute retard to do it, but they are out there...
- Our favorite Napster supporting band Metallica has just lost a member after all these years. Thanks KinetiK
- Clinton, Bill Clinton... Something I absolutely couldnt imagine, Bill Clinton in the next Bond film. Thanks TorValdeZ

Lastly, a question for you guys. Would you like to see more editorial content here? Given the huge level of interaction and users on the website and the fact that I've finally started to get the urge to write more stuff... what topics would you like to see? Keep in mind the 'Shack Features' are retired. I'm talking more along the lines of things like this. The topic for the first article I'll be putting out? "The Railgun, the gun I hate to love"

AMD Earnings/Projections [06:29 pm]
80 Comments / DThread / Thread - Maarten Goldstein
AMDZone has posted a wrap-up of the AMD earning conference call with the latest projected release dates. Also a couple of choice quotes: On Transmeta performance at equal clock speeds. "We blow them away!" On PIII performance compared to Athlon/Duron. "The PIII is dead meat!" What can we expect from AMD this year?

.13 micron in late 2001
1.3GHz Athlon Q1 2001
1.4-1.5GHz Athlon Q2 2001
1.7GHz Athlon in H2 2001
2GHz will be Clawhammer in 2002
1GHz Duron by year end

Be sure to read the rest of the notes here, and if you are interested in the earnings report you can read that here.

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Turn off the Internet ! [01:27 pm]
131 Comments / DThread / Thread - Maarten Goldstein
Salon has an article looking at the current power crisis in California, where some people in the power industry are now saying the Internet is the cause of it all. This is of course the easy way out; you screwed something up? Blame the net. The Salon piece takes a look at power consumption of computers, the lobbying of big Silicon Valey players such as Intel to get more power plants built, and how the Internet might actually save power. Thanks r0ck0.

A close look at the numbers, say some researchers, suggests that the opposite is true -- that the Net may actually be helping to drive down overall energy demand. Joseph Romm, a former assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Energy, notes that from 1992 to 1996 total energy demand grew at about 2.4 percent a year in the U.S., during a period when the gross domestic product was growing at a rate of 3.2 percent a year. But from 1996 to 2000, when the Net boom was really taking off, the gross domestic product grew at an average of 4 percent a year while energy demand grew at a rate of only 1 percent. In other words, the growth in energy demand was far below the growth in the overall economy; as the economy grew hotter and hotter the rate of increase in the demand for energy actually slowed.

Seems everything nowadays is attributed to the Internet, good and bad.

More Tech

LOMM Unveiled [06:46 am]
40 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
Legends of Might & Magic, one of the newest 3D FPS games based on the LithTech2 engine to really get unveiled is showing over at GameSpot as well as IGN. There is a bunch of info and screenshots of the game in action so you can get a real good look at it.

The game has evolved from its previous incarnation as a hybrid role-playing/action game to become exclusively focused on action. Players choose to play as one of six character classes on two different teams

The Moon Project [06:45 am]
20 Comments / DThread / Thread - Steve Gibson
The Moon Project website has gone online offering quite a bit of information and impressive images of the new Earth2150 sequel in the works by Game Studios. One cant announce a new game without the minithumbnail rampage though can we?

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

The Moon Project is a sequel to the highly successful Earth 2150, Power Play's " Best Strategy Game Of The Year ". The Moon Project features an enhanced version of 2150's groundbreaking 3D engine and provides greater zoom levels for even more strategic play. The Moon Project also adds brand new units, weapons, and technologies such as: submarines, earthquake generators, and artillery.




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