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Name Location Quote
bitchslayer519 Lincoln, NE Unleash the power of apples
buckf519 Lincoln, NE Doot doot da doot butterfuckerrrs......
neo519 Omaha, NE What the fuck ever
psylence519 Omaha, NE bend over, it's uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it
styles519 Lincoln, NE Watch out who's toes you're stepping on today, they might be connected to the ass you're kissing tomorrow
prophecy519 Salina, KS I do not properly dry marijuana. I simply pick the buds and then put them into a baggie and watch the cobwebs sprout even though there are no spiders present.
Active w/ the Power of 56k
Name Location Quote
airdave519 Omaha, NE When you have that feeling in the morning where you don't remember anything, but you feel like you've been fucked by a train.. You can be assured, you played 519
destrukt519 Minnesota Hey [9]c3, what are you doing in my fridge...
ounze519 Kansas City, KS [ insert gay quote ]
rdw519 Ames, IA Take my breath away...
Name Location Quote
cre3d519 New Jersey ...proceed thrusting at the apex of the rectal openi...
grompad519 Omaha, NE I'm a glass of orange juice...don't spill me.
vitamins519 Kansas City, KS It's my duty to protect the booty.
esd519 Kentucky [ insert gay quote ]
eulogy519 [ insert gay quote ]
Name Location Quote
ag3nt187519 Thou that steps shall get a rail in thy ass
batch519 Omaha, NE
grin519 Chicago, IL Whew! It's hotter than a half fucked fox in a forest fire in here!
roommate519 Lincoln, NE 519-4-LIFE BITCHES
carb519 [ insert gay quote ]
carnage519 [ insert gay quote ]
cochese519 Lincoln, NE [ insert gay quote ]
demoniac519 [ insert gay quote ]
doolocsta519 Kentucky [ insert gay quote ]
force519 Lincoln, NE [ insert gay quote ]
gate519 Ames, IA [ insert gay quote ]
hawki519 Omaha, NE [ insert gay quote ]
niceguyed519 Lincoln, NE [ insert gay quote ]
skitso519 Omaha, NE [ insert gay quote ]
sniper519 Salina, KS [ insert gay quote ]