The 1964 Tsunami Strikes Seward

Located along the southeast coast of the Kenia Peninsula, at the head of Resurrection Bay, Seward was another of the areas hardest hit. Similar to the events at Valdez, the shaking of the earthquake caused the Seward Waterfront to collapse into the Bay, generating a 30-foot local tsunami. The tsunami destroyed most of the facilities near the waterfront, including a fuel tank farm, which started the first of many fires at Seward. Smaller tsunami waves then spread the burning oil floating on the water's surface further inland to the Texaco Petroleum tank farm, starting another fire. Approximately 20 minutes after the initial local tsunami struck Seward, the first 40-foot wave of the tectonic tsunami wave washed in. This wave spread a wall of flaming oil into Seward destroying and setting fire to a large section of the town.

In all, the tsunami killed 12 people a Seward, and the combined effects of the disaster destroyed a large section of the city, causing million of dollars in damage.


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