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Getting your e-gold from GoldChanger is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
First, you need an e-gold account for GoldChanger to put your e-gold in.
If you do not already have your own e-gold account, click below to visit the e-gold site and open an e-gold account.

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Send your check or money order 
made payable to GoldChanger along with
your e-gold account number to:

3300 D.N. Main St.
PMB 240
Anderson, SC
When your money order or cashier's check is received, GoldChanger will spend you $9.40 worth of e-gold for every $10 you send. For personal checks, GoldChanger will spend $9.30 worth of e-gold to your e-gold account for every $10 you send (after your check clears).

Frequently Asked Questions
Now available! back2cashNow available!
GoldChanger will turn your e-gold back into US Dollars
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Soon we will be accepting new, faster methods of online payments.
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