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  Service   CMVision is a robust software product consisting of an integrated family of modules that automates the many different functions of system configuration management, change management, and problem tracking, including software, hardware, and documentation.

CMVision supports all phases of the system life cycle and provides process automation and tracking for all these phases.

CMVision uses graphical techniques to provide a functionnally rich core of capability and has been designed for ease of installation. It requires little knowledge of the underlying Operating System to use or administer. 

CMVision provides powerful and easy to use interfaces designed to help the user apply the tool to the diverse situations that may be encountered.

  Summary of features :   Client/Server Architecture
Available on Windows NT and Unix
Internet Browser Access

Release Management/Version Control
Integrated Problem Reporting/Tracking
Customizable Forms (SmartForms)
Graphical Data Base Display (TreeWalker)
Process Automation


Last Update: 16/01/00