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Got a question? Contact Us!Got a question? Post it in the forums!
Got a question? Contact Us!'Got a question? Post it in the forums!
 The Coffee In The Rain Team

The Coffee In The Rain Team is the designers, writers, and researchers who develop and maintain Coffee In The Rain.

Headed by David Young, creator of the popular INSPIRATIONS Mailing List (Now incorporated into Coffee In The Rain), with over 3 years of experience in both internet & email publishing, our Team aims to make Coffee In The Rain the primary source for straight-to-the-heart, feel-good stories on the Internet.

"To me, Coffee In The Rain brings to mind standing beneath an umbrella, in the pouring rain, sipping a hot cup of coffee. (Incidentally, that's where the name came from!)

It symbolises the small pleasures that give flavour to life sometimes, when it seems that the "real world" has finally caught up to you. After all, the best things in life are free ;)"
- David

Copyright 2000 - The Coffee In The Rain Team
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