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Something gone missing from the Edinburgh live music scene

Ian Heavens

19th April 1957 – 22nd December 2000

Ian1.jpg (11871 bytes)Ian2.jpg (12153 bytes)Ian3.jpg (11844 bytes)Ian Heavens was the co-founder of the punk/samba band Bloco Vomit. Ian, anarchist/punk, lover of the Spanish and highly respected expert in computer communications combined his interests within a band of noticeable identity. The founders met at the Edinburgh Samba School and the band played its first gig in 1995. The line-up is seven or so percussionists hitting samba drums, melody supplied by a guitarist, a trumpeter and the singers. Their repertoire is classic punk of the 1976-79 era, with a samba twist. They cross-dress, Ian favouring frocks and Heidi plaits, and they were frequently heard at the Tap before it closed. They are constantly gigging in Edinburgh and in performance are highly entertaining. In fact having fun is the main thrust of the band, both on and off stage.

bloco01.jpg (23786 bytes)Ian did the lion’s share of Bloco’s publicity. He had charm – your spirits rose 15 degrees whenever you saw his faun-like face and he was immensely likeable. He had energy, banging on the door of every venue, every tour possibility, every record company. He was clever and knew his stuff. His drive had Bloco Vomit playing at venues throughout Britain, a tour of Portugal and best of all, in April 2000 a successful tour of Brazil where the band received a lot of attention including several appearances on Brazilian television. The band released 2 CD’s, NEVER MIND THE BOSSA NOVA HERE’S BLOCO VOMIT and PLAY THIS YA BASTARD.

Ian played at Bloco’s gig in Brighton in November 2000, but missed the gig in the basement of the City Café, the night before he died. His death was a great shock to his large number of friends, who have some share in what his death has been to his wife, Eileen, and their two boys, Dan and Alex, that is, an irreparable loss.

Bloco Vomit’s CD’s are on sale at http://www.burbs.org.uk.

Link to Bloco Vomit’s official site on http://www.pobox.com/~bloco_vomit.

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