Is There a Landing Strip on The Moon?

The reader will note a strange "strip" on the surface of the moon in the adjacent photo. It is clearly cutting through other rocky features and, at the termination of the straight part, it seems that there is a curved continuation to the left, so that the total effect is rather like a hockey stick. The estimated length of the straight portion is about 29 KM.

  Now, what could this strip possibly represent?

One suggestion has been that it is a "landing strip" left by extraterrestrials, many aeons in the past - or evidence of a very advanced, now long destroyed, ancient civilization who visited the Moon.

I would like to suggest that any extraterrestrials or ancient civilizations that had the capability of space flight, would NOT need a "landing strip" that is 29 KM long.

Estimating the width of the strip, we find that it is about 1.7 KM wide. Now, think about those dimensions and try to conjecture what would be the reason for such a HUGE landing strip?

Of course, we may not know anything about such technologies, and having so large a "landing strip" might answer specific technological problems, but I doubt it.

So, WHAT can it be? Could a "gigantic-beyond-imagining" space craft have "dragged" across the surface of the moon at some remote time in the past, scarring it?

Or, could some 1.7 KM wide craft have crashed on the surface, leaving a gigantic, 29 KM long skid mark?

Could a meteor have skimmed the surface like a skipping stone on water?

Well, we were pretty baffled in trying to come up with possibilities for this mark that is so clearly artificially constructed, considering the fact that it cuts through the other rocky features with evident deliberation. So, we asked the Cassiopaeans to help us out with this one. Here is what they said:


Q: Now, we have this picture of this sort of "track" on the Moon here. It is 29 KM long and about 1.7 KM wide, and they are calling it a "landing strip." Well, it's pretty big to be a landing strip, in my opinion. What is it?

A: Residue of ancient mining operation.

Q: How ancient, by our calendar?

A: 350,000 years ago, approximately.

Q: In specific, how does this mark relate to a mining operation? Was it like strip mining, or where mining machines were driving back and forth, or what?

A: Underground channel mining.

Q: So, it is a depression caused by an underground mine. What was being mined?

A: Lignite and gold.

Q: Who was doing the mining?

A: Who made you?

Q: Orions?

A: Yes.

Q: What did they use this lignite and gold for?

A: Conduction of electromagnetism.

Q: Did they take this material out of our solar system to use elsewhere?

A: Some.

Q: (A) I don't understand something here. These alchemists, who were not so clever as 4th density, were apparently able to produce gold by transmutation. Now, these Orions who are so much more advanced, one would suppose, could not do transmutation, but needed to engage in mining? If they are so clever, why couldn't they transmute iron to gold? Why did they have to mine the gold?

A: Have to? Not necessarily. Greed dictates that when it is there for the taking, do so. Does the counterfeiter walk away from a stash of cash?

So, for what its worth, that is what was said.

February 12, 2000


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