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Witnessing Consciously is a by-product of being consciously conscious - this is the key, and the door; being conscious that one is conscious = Consciousness, a circle - eyes open; one hour (most often enough) every morning uninterruptedly (hard work), then it will be the rest of the day, very easily. Consciousness:-) is the sunlight of our soul. Next morning one has to start again. In about 8 months, with about 75% success, it will be permanent - one will never loose it again. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh alias Osho ((Rajneesh) Chandra Mohan {Jain}) is the half best knower of this: I become a Witness ('a fully conscious person'); a Sakshi; a Soul; Am-ness with the help of his past half brilliant info of witnessing (originating mainly e.g. from Sri Shiva's 112 methods of meditation, and then from Gautama Buddha's Suttas - mindfulness, vipassana, etc.), in 1994. ("Past" because my knowledge is better). Shree Rajneesh has 2 or 3 enlightenments. He may not be Kundalini enlightened: he doesn't know anything real about it; he really knows only "Gopi Krishna's Kundalini". He thought Shri Mataji's Kundalini was the same. He teaches only the witness, the rest is mainly demonic teaching; including the attitude of the witness - he teaches it as a whole attitude to be taken and that is very destructive, it should be only a half attitude: a hamsa (witnessing - according to me; an opening to the spirit, here between the eyes' opening; "the third eye") that is connected to Agnya chakra, not the other way around because we are mainly the mind. There are also methods that might make it a little easier to be Conscious, like keeping the attention at the top of the head (or anywhere), to help keep up the uninterruptedness of Consciousness. Shri Mataji has said it unclearly somewhere (not teaching it clearly - her focus is the Kundalini, and she may not be a Sakshi). The point is the Conscious-state, not the method that might be of some help during the first hour, and not the conscious-state's by-products, mindfulness etc. Only mindfulness, like only breath awareness / consciousness, walking awareness / consciousness, vipassana, consciousness of the spirit (it is not consciousness, it is awareness: consciousness of the awareness only) etc. are perhaps not enough: not enough consciousness of the consciousness itself, not a strong perfect circle that is the main thing. The top-of-the-head method might be good. Especially a Sahaja yogi might perhaps find it good (I don't know in practice because no Consciousness happens when I use it, or any method, it already is). Perhaps, because it is not so direct, like mindfulness methods are not. I practised some breath awareness, walking vipassana, movement awareness / consciousness, and I tested many methods (over 112) in 1993. Vipassana, movement awareness / consciousness, is an extra fun in Consciousness. While seeing, if one also sees oneself seeing, at the same time, one is in the state of Witnessing & Consciousness, the land of the Sun god; this shows what a Conscious-state is; most direct but still a subtle method. With this method one becomes most easily conscious of the Conscious-state and that is the real thing, then one needs no methods. I didn't use any method; just uninterruptedness to stay in that Conscious-state.

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