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"I'm using the earnings play and a few other strategies as well. Last month I made about $6,000 ... so far in May, I've already made about $8,000. I'm doing this while working full-time during the day. I've resigned my job as of June 5th to trade full-time. I'll have total flexibility to work when I want, and have more time to spend with my kids. Thanks again."
- Shelly Stoner

"Your knowledge of trading was almost overwhelming."
- John Lane, Sumner, WA

"I have just finished reading my "Tricks Of The Trade" manual. I have found you the easiest to follow and understand. I especially like the attitudes you write about and how vitally important it is. You are the first guy to be honest about the idea that for me to make money, somebody else has to lose money. I like what I get from your info and where you're coming from. Thanks."
- Jerry White, Scottsdale, AZ

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Dear Jack:

It's a shame more women aren't learning to trade. Many could stay home to raise their children by doing trading for a living. My first trade paid for the course!

[3 days after I received your course] I bought 1000 shares at 7 3/4 of a stock that had been beaten down because of a merger. The next morning just like you said the "dumb money" had pushed the stock up and it opened at my exact sell price.

I have purchased many courses (waste of money) and none of them made sense like yours does.

Sincerely, Pam M.

Hello Jack - I wish to thank you for providing such great material at a low cost. I have more than doubled my money in January alone using the stock split strategy.

- Rajiv

How To Make Incredible
Online Trading Profits
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Learn what a guy with $200,000,000 of trading
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Minimize, the time, effort, risk and costly mistakes.

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Listen to how she made $50,000 her FIRST month trading!
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"Today's stock market is willing to make you as wealthy as you want to be! Our approach to trading is designed to benefit anyone from the casual, part-time trader to the serious, full-time electronic daytrader ... in ANY market conditions!"

"7 Habits Of Highly Effective On-Line Stock Traders"
I have personally traded over $100,000,000 worth of stock and developed some good trading habits over my 15 year career as a professional trader, and in that time I've had the good fortune to watch some other very successful traders and observe the habits they had.

Extended Trading Hours - Who Benefits (Do You?) And Why
The issue of extended hours is a double-edged sword. If the public could trade among themselves it would add a tremendous amount of revenue to firms that let people trade after-hours. On the other hand, extended hours will be very unruly.

Getting The Right Start In Online Trading
It's extremely important to get your trading account funded the right way. In fact it's the single most important thing you can do when you start to trade.

New IPOs On The Internet - "Consider The Source"
There has been a lot of media attention on why institutions get to cherry pick the best deals and why the average investor never gets a crack at those deals until they begin trading. Brokerages give out shares of the hottest IPOs to the customers that have done the most business with them - it's just that simple.

Accounting, Earnings And "Accurate" Stock Valuations
Earnings drive the market. Regardless of how hot an industry is or how hot a business plan is, it all boils down to earnings.

"What's Happening In The Stock Market Today"
There are quite a few stocks that are trading so high, compared to "normal" P/E ratio's that the "experts" are saying that these stocks are trading at dangerously high levels. But these guys just don't get it.

5 Steps To Creating A Killer Personal Trading Strategy!
Attitude, Rules, Account, Approach - And understand the difference between trading and investing.

Interview With Jack Carter
It took me 5 years to graduate from Purdue University. Since then I've progressed from bartender to broker to Market Maker to hedge fund manager to professional trader.

What Type Of Internet Brokerage Account Do YOU Need?
Who needs what type of account, at which firm, and why.

Snapshot Of Level II Trading Software
I don't know anyone else with my qualifications who is revealing the secret tactics Market Makers use to trade the hottest NASDAQ stocks. If you want to learn how to electronically daytrade, this is where it all happens.

HOT NEWS: From Nigel Davenport, Our Man On The Scene
Our very own faithful and trustworthy financial reporter.


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Jack -

Traded AMTD and made $5,400 today.

- Ron Walton

My account is up $28,000 since becoming a member. This course paid for itself after the second trade!

Mike O'Neil

In two weeks, the membership has already paid for itself many times over. I have gone from an investor to a trader. You are doing a GREAT thing for the common man.

Bill Perkins

Jack -

Your approach to trading the market is the best I have found. The personal coaching was invaluable. Back in January I lost $25,000 after spending $4000.00 for a seminar from a supposed "stock expert". After completing your course at one fourth the cost, I was able to earn a return of 33% my first month! Thanks for helping me get back on track.

Jimmy C.

Jack: I want to thank you for sharing your information with me. I made over $50,000 my very first month trading. It's been very exciting and fun. I can't really thank you enough.

Sarit Majhor

Dear Jack,
Before I bought your course I was lucky to make $2000-$3000 per month trading. Now it's not uncommon for me to have days where I make $3,000.

Jerry Neal

Your stuff is head and shoulders above anything else I've ever seen. I've spent thousands of dollars looking for something this good and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your course.

T. T.

Your advice has paid off - I'm concentrating on specific plays (right now stock splits) and made $14,000 - almost a 400% return - playing the CNET split.


Jack, you were right ... I made $1200 on my first trade, well covering my cost ... then made $2075 on my third trade.

- Mark Wilson

I had been "working" with covered calls for about 12 months without much success. I purchased your "Covered Call Strategies" kit and ... at the conclusion of expiration day (March 19th 1999) I had a $21,000.+ PROFIT for the month. Selecting the right stocks, by using your "filters", made the difference. Thank you !

- Bob Hanes