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Spacious homes
designed for luxury.

The southwest means wide-open spaces. There’s room to live. Spaciousness that enriches the soul. Mandalay Homes’ capture the feeling and expansiveness of Arizona with homes that provide room to stretch, relax and enjoy life…all at an affordable price.

Extraordinary craftsmanship
through value engineering.

Mandalay Homes builds each home with the best in craftsmanship. The best design. The best materials. Through attention to detail, every Mandalay home is value engineered to offer you the most usable space for the least money. A Mandalay home can’t be beat for desirability whether you’re in the market for a year-round residence or a second home to savor Arizona’s mild winters.

Highly desirable location.
Highly desirable school district.

This Mandalay Homes’ namesake community is now under construction north of Camelback on 39th Ave. The community’s name is Mandalay, and it is situated adjacent to Sevilla Elementary School in the national award-winning Alhambra School District. This location provides convenient access to most of Phoenix’s shopping, entertainment and business centers while offering families the finest in public education.

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Arizona is truly a land of incredible beauty, space and livability. Mandalay offers the perfect solution to those who desire the same beauty, space and livability in their home.

David Everson, President, Mandalay Homes, invites you to experience the value and pride in workmanship of Mandalay.

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