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DAB : Digital Audio Broadcasting

Broadcast equipment

  • Audio encoding software
    Layer II MUSICAM
    This audio encoder, the most efficient of it's type, conforms to ISO/MPEG Audio Layer II and ETSI DAB (ETS 300 401) standards. It is used in digital audio broadcasting as well as digital television.

  •    PAD Manager
    PAD Manager is a data inserter for DAB multimedia radio. This professional equipment is designed to add to and multiplex the Programme Associated Data (PAD) into a compressed audio signal. The aim is to create a multimedia radio programme which can be broadcast via the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) system.

  • PAD Server
    PAD Server is an editing and broadcast tool for digital radio programmes. This equipment offers a man-machine interface specially adapted for the new job of the multimedia radio programmes editor.

  • Reception equipment

  • Audio decoding software MUSICAM
    Audio decoder corresponding to the MUSICAM encoder, conforms to ISO/MPEG Audio Layer II standards.

  •    RDI Kit
    The purpose of this extension kit is to enable communication between a DAB receiver and a PC. It allows one to make the most of all the multimedia possibilities of the digital radio broadcasting system: reproduction of data associated with Multimedia radio programmes or any type of subsidiary data which is carried on the network.

  • Metrology

  •    CALUMET 200
    As a metrological tool for the DAB chain, CALUMET offers a system of testing, analysing and decoding DAB streams. Being portable equipment it makes it possible to watch and analyse the transmitted data at every point of the DAB chain, and to listen to the audio coded MUSICAM stream.

  • Audio analysis ISO-MPEG software
    This syntactic analysis tool detects the irregularities of audio signals of DAB and DVB streams against the regular ISO-MPEG audio.

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