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Pacific Grove

"the last hometown"

Documentation shows Spanish explorer Juan Rodriques Cabrillo discovered the Monterey Bay when he landed in Pacific Grove, at what is now called Cabrillo Point, in 1542. There is considerable evidence that the Coastanoan Indian called Pacific Grove home long before it was "found" by the Spaniards although it was not until the mid-19th century that the recorded history of Pacific Grove begins.

Pacific Grove was founded in 1875 by the Reverand W. S. Ross. He told his associates in San Francisco of his recent good fortune among the pines of Monterey.

"W.S. Ross and his wife, both being in feeble health, and having tried all the remedies that science could suggest were merly advised to find some place where fluctuations from heat and cold were merly nominal... They accordingly came and located among the pines... They all lived out of doors, slept in hammocks under trees, and ignored all indoor comfort, living principally on fish and game. Their recovery seemed almost miraculous for in a few months they were perfectly restored to health."

The ministers were so taken by the story they agreed to create a religious summer camp similiar to those held in Chautaugua, New York, there among the pines. The Pacific Grove Retreat Association was formed at a meeting held at the Methodist Episcopal Church in San Francisco on June 1, 1875. The first lots, 30X60', were sold for $50.00 each.

The Pacific Grove retreat was formally incorporated as a city with 1300 permanent residents in 1889. The local newspaper responded to a census inquiry of the time with this notice,

"The census authorities in Washington are not satisfied with the Grove. There are not enough deaths to suit them. They calculate that with our population the deaths during the census year should have been 15 whereas there were only eight, and of these four were non-residents. The fact is, people come here to live not die. They come to live and be happy. We beg the indulgence of the census bureau for a few years, promising that if we ever get saloons and tramps and other promoting institutions in the Grove we will come up to standard."

For almost 100 years Pacific Grove boasted the fact it was a "dry town", prohibiting the buying, selling, or giving away of any and all intoxicants. This came to an end when the ban was lifted in 1969. You can now buy liquor in liquor stores and order wine or beer here at Passionfish, yet you still have to head for Monterey if you are looking for bars or night clubs.

Pacific Grove made national news twice in 1992. First, in a monumental effort to preserve the over-wintering location of the Monarch Butterfly, an historic bond measure was passed to create the Pacific Grove Monarch Habitat. The same year, the people of Pacific Grove voted to preserve our shoreline from development with the purchase of the beach-front real estate referred to as Rocky Shores.

Our favorite places...

A great majority of the staff at Passionfish are native to the Monterey Peninsula. Ted is the 7th generation of his family from the Salinas Valley and Cindy is the 4th generation from her family on the Monterey Peninsula. If you have questions about things to see and do, places to stay or shop, Email us, call us or just ask when you're in, we'd love to tell you about our little town. If you've never been here before, or just looking for new information we highly recommend that you check out, and

Pacific Grove has some of the nicest Inns in the area. Tucked into historic Victorian homes, these Inns feel like home, invite relaxation, and are quietly nurturing. The downtown district boasts small, family owned businesses, where you still feel special when you're shopping. We'd like to share with you some of our favorite things to do and favorite places to shop.

Teds favorite stores include The Grove Market, where you still find that old fashioned meat counter, the freshest produce and all the news you need to know about P.G. Just across the street is P.G Hardware where he buys everything to fix anything and they employ all the "know-hows" to do it! Christine Warrens Boutique is where you can usually find Cindy when she's quietly dissappeared out the back door. Comfortable womens clothing made from natural fibers, unusual jewelry and someone to share gossip with. Jannae and Amelia love the Woodenickel, a nostalgic shop of vintage furniture and distinctive gifts. This store makes you want to redeocorate your home, your garden and your life. Megan loves the Hallmark store where they have the best collection of Winnie the Pooh collectibles we have found. Besides shopping the huge selection of greeting cards, Passionfish purchases all that cool confetti and balloons you find on your table when you tell us its your birthday. For those of us who have pets - we shop at Posh Pets. Some of us have even come home with new pets after visiting there.

Cindys favorite thing to do is rollerblading on the bike path from Lovers Point to The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ted likes to just stroll in the opposite direction from the Point towards the Asilomar enjoying the ocean, the otters and the sunshine. Jannae says her favorite thing to do is "sit on Sandy the Whale!" Sandy can be found in front of the Museum of Natural History and has been there for as long as we can remember. Amelia enjoys the sunsets at Asilomar beach and heads there any night she's not greeting you at the front door. We hope you will find any or all of these things to do or places to visit as much fun as we do.

If you are visiting soon, let us know, and we can reserve our Passionfish Aquarium passes for you to use!

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