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WINDOWS 2000 BEATS LINUX - Comparative test of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Linux as network operating systems

Research organisation TÜViT GmbH has done a cross comparison of Windows 2000 and Linux. The report concluded that Windows 2000 was better suited for corporate use as a network operating system. The Windows 2000 network essentially worked "out of the box", while the Linux system required extensive effort in terms of configuration, programming and testing before it was possible to create an equivalent network in terms of functionality. The study also found that Windows 2000 is less expensive than Linux and gives a better return on investment.

To view the English version of the management report, please download the word document.

To view the full report, which is in German, please visit TÜViT GmbH's website

Download : Teil_A_Management_Summary_englisch_appr.doc

Size: 193Kb (Word)

22 January 2001


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