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Updated On February 10, 2001 ; This Site Contains: 154 pages.; Current Hit Rates at ~6,027 pages/mon, ~2,014 different users/mon., ~26,417tot.hits/mon or ~261,327kB xfr/mon.; Estimated Browse Time Expected For Site Completion = 1.5 hr.; 95 Members from 58 Companies with 8.4% growth in 1998. 10-11 Meetings per year since 1962. Elections for new Officers in June. Fiscal year end July 31. We normally meet at Angelos on the 4th Thursday of the month.
Chairman's Comments: 

For February, in addition to supporting National Engineers Week activities and a Banquet with SAIC VP Steven Rockwood Feb 21, 2001 on "The Future of Technology in 2010", we will also have a regular meeting with two speakers on "Non-crimp fabrics" - Presented by Ray Palmer  &  "UV Curing Industry Update" - Presented by Mark Livesay of Sunrez Corporation.  

See you soon.

Sincerely, Heidi Reilly

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