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Reedy Buzzards

Contact: Ruth Werner23312 82nd Pl. W.
(414)372-8307 (Tom)Edmonds, WA 98026
"Reedy Buzzards" (1998)
For ordering info, call Tom Schwark (414)372-8307
Review: Fireball Mail 11/98


The Reedy Buzzards formed in 1992 in Milwaukee, WI, with the intention of evoking that rare moment when the music all flowed as one river. They called it Vintage Acoustic Country Music. Others who have heard it just called it "The Buzz."

The Reedy Buzzards specialize in the tight and lovely harmonies of the great family bands of the past, from the Carter Family to the Everly Brothers. Their shows combine a fresh take on classic country heartbreakers, "Brother" songs, blazing guitar and mandolin picking and gospel music. They present their songs with the driving acoustic rhythms that led to their appearance as special guest of the rock band, The Bodeans, at a 2,500-seat concert in 1996.

  • Lisa Horngren, bass, vocals
  • Dean Werner, guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Ruth Werner,guitar, vocals
  • Tom Schwark, mandolin, fiddle, vocals
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