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Mia will be taking on various products and letting you know how they stand up! Request a review at the bottom of this column!

GO!11/17/00 - Vacuum Tubes - Dispelling The Confusion
"So I admit it… my life was changed the first time I plugged into a tube amp. As I put my cable into that Fender Deluxe the Heavens opened and rained down sweet sound like I had never heard before. Ok, I am stretching reality, but I was totally blown away..." GO!

GO!10/18/00 - Frantone Hep Cat
"It didn't take long after my first electric instrument to start searching for that perfect tone that I had heard all my life coming from the guitars of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmie Hendrix..." GO!

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Tips about gear, the lowdown on popular products, and straightup advice on recording. Our specialists Mia and Kelli are the people to come to!

Review: Daisy Rock Girl Guitars
by Mia on January 26, 2001
Superstar techie Mia Theodoratus takes on the controversial Daisy Rock Girl Guitars... and in doing so persuades the company to donate guitars to a local NYC school so that she can find out how girls really react to them... GO!

Technology and Music: The Midiots Guide to Midi
- Part 2: The Tools and Terms -

by Kelli on January 18, 2001
Welcome back to Part 2 of our guide to Midi. Now that you know that Midi isn’t audio, you’re probably wondering what kind of gear you’ll need to make music with Midi. We’ll discuss some of the tools needed and explain some of the common terms you’ll run into...GO!
Sara Ayers
by Mia on December 29, 2000
Introducing our new tech series In Studio. Each month our resident gear head and techie Mia will be taking a peek into someone's home recording studio and playing with their toys to find out what makes them tick. This month she interrupted Estrogen Artist Sara Ayers and quizzed her on the various implements her home studio has to offer. Read what happened and hear the audio samples that Sara made for our benefit... GO!

Have you got tech questions? Kelli will be using your questions and suggestions to write further Music and Technology columns and will be doing the occasional Q&A; column, so email her at Ask Kelli!

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