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19th February



-Complete update in a few days.. bah, lier =) .. well, this is an incomplete update without elgs new times and teamtotal..


-Best Times#5..


1st February


-Yeh just a new slesklist, complete update will come in a few days with times and stuffs.


27th December

-YeH, YeH! Wrlist#52! Guess someone got a little surprised by our superior times, 3y3? Got some strikes back also though(Auch, Jeppe. That really hurt.)

-Slesktim0rz tabLEz#4 OK?!?!??!

-Slesklist 2000 up! Whos the sleskest person in the world here, aight?

-It look good for zyntifox in his battle for being the Kuski of the Month! Check out the stats and vote for zyntifox if you haven’t voted! :P

-If someone wonders why were updating so damn rarely its because we don’t see the fucking reason update every fucking week, aight?

-Cya next month lamorz ;)



25th November

- Well zynti took back some WRs and was the first elmer ever to get under 42 in totaltime. Therefor he is  thinking about to retire(but he didn’t ;).

- Best Time Table #3.

- Jeppe got kicked from SC after acting LAME(take teamwrs with 1 hundred and claim that he played the lev to get his total down :P).

- New Slesk List 2000!


2th November

- Long time, no updates.

- Jeppe added to members section 

- New Slesk List!!

- Best Times Table #2


15th September

- Whole page uploaded 

- Check out Best Times Table #1

- Slesk List 2000 is also up!!!

- Members











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