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Review: Counseling Centers on the Internet
Reviewed by: Dr. Katherine Schneider
Reviewed on: December 3, 1999

Site Information

Want to find a counseling center or info on a topic? This site provides a search site for this information as well as a glossary of computerese. Simple design; straight to the point; usable by all.

Even my university's little counseling center webpage was listed, so I think it's great. Referrals just got easier if you bookmark this site.


Explaination of Review

Content is a measurement of the importance of the information on a site.
Design is a measurement of the layout and organization of the site.
Links are a measurement of the value of the links provided on a site.
5 apples     81-100 / Bookmark it!
4 apples     61-80 / Browse it
3 apples     41-60 / Click it
2 apples     21-40 / Consider it
1 apple       0-20 / Skip it!


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